Migraine and sore throat

Sorry haven't been on here for a while so hope this question hasn't been asked before.

My migraines have become less frequent so I've not thought much about them until today.

I woke up fine, better night than of late,feeling warm and relaxed. Sat down with a cup of tea to watch the news as usual. Out of nowhere I started to have an aura migraine. I managed to make it somewhat better by closing my eyes for half an hour. The thing is, I used to take meds. for migraine and blamed them for the sore throat that followed the migraines but this happened today without the meds. Is this "normal" Is it a clue to what is causing the migraine??

Can anyone shed any light on this please.

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  • I find that I get very dry when I have a migraine - haven't associated it with what I would class as a sore throat but may be there is some sort of correlation.

    One of the things that can happen during a migraine is muscle spasms - for me that affects my whole gut and can be extremely violent, but that could also be part of the sore throat.

    Sorry - can't be of more help - hope someone comes along who can give you more specifics ... and really hope that you feel fully recovered soon.

  • I can only speak from experience: mine has been that when my migraines were at their worst (because I was on Prednisone for arthritis), I got what I would call a "tight" throat; no fever, congestion so I knew it wasn't a cold. As events turned out just then, our President had his doc look at sore throat issues and it turned out to be stress-related acid reflux (it was a slow news day, yo?). Once I was off the Prednisone, everything about my migraines diminished, but run your concerns by your doc!!! The other thing I've read is that tea can be a Migraine trigger for some; if you've gotten to know your triggers, while you can't eliminate them all (good luck with loud noises!), knowing can help you ameliorate the effects . . . maybe . . . sort of . . . I'll let you know how I am when I get really good at Meditation . . .

  • Thanks Fran, got docs. appointment on Monday. Also talking to a friend who said her migraines got better when she upped her water. No mention of throat issues though.

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