Has anyone tried Accupunture? If so did it work? I rang to make an appointment for a massage which have worked in the past though not long term. I was told they did Accupunture first. I'm booked in for Thursday but at £35 I won't be able to keep going. I'm am referred to physio for it but the waiting list is 2 months. At the moment can't wait that long

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  • Hi there, I was lucky to be offered acupuncture through my g.p on the nhs. I believe 6 sessions is the norm to find out if it really works for you. In the end I had 12 weeks but we came to the conclusion that my body was using it as a method of pain relief instead of preventing them! Although I'm sure it has helped others more positively! Not sure where you are but is it something you could get through your g.p?

    Good luck and all the best x

  • Thanks. Yes I have been referred on the NHS but 2 month waiting list. He did say he had a 80% success rate.. We'll see

  • I have tried it, paid lots of money and there was no change in my migraines.

  • O dear.. Thanks for your input. I certainly won't go more than once if I don't feel some sort of improvement

  • I tried it for a few months and found a reduction in the frequency of my migraines....However I have to say, I feel it could be a placebo affect to a degree. You go to a very relaxing environment and the one I went to tried to assess me - told me I was a 'hot' person so my body heat was adding to it (I am skeptical!!) but I went along with it and drank pear juice to lower my body temp..... Overall if you could get it through the NHS I would say give it a go - I feel anything is worth a try!! I tried it during my Uni finals where if someone told me eating manure would help I probably would have :P

  • Didn't work for me at all and had about 6 sessions. However everyone is different and it could be the magic bullet for you! I know several people who it worked wonders for. Anything is worth a try though right?

  • Well I have had 2 sessions and have only had 2 very minor headaches since. I can't believe it, I must be one of the lucky ones. I was also told to to stop eating too much salt so gave up my daily packet of crisps rubbing voltorol into my neck and am feeling a whole lot better don't know which has been the cure maybe a combination of all. Finding it expensive but will be getting my NHS referral through next month .. Feeling very happy though. Anyone who is suffering it's certainly worth a try

  • That's a fantastic result! Really happy for you! Just like most people say on here, everyone is different and so we must try to find our own remedies. I currently spend 4 days of every week with a banging head , waiting to try my first round of botox. Can't wait, was told 6 weeks waiting list but it's been 8 weeks and 4 days ( not that I am counting!!!) Hey ho!

    Really pleased for you thou, long may it continue!!!!

    Much love x

  • I had it for six months on NHS. Didn't really help the pain aspect of my migraines but did stop half of my face being numb. I no longer get numbness but still get migraines 3 to 6 times a week and have a chronic ďaily headache. Interested in these injections/blocks/botox/new treatments. Would like to know more.

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