National Migraine Centre

How do you cope?

Hi all - it's been a while since I've posted. Things are much better for me than they were. I'm technically not chronic anymore but still usually around the 10-12 pain days a month mark. Amazingly at the end of last year I got down to 6-8 pain days though!

The last few months have been particularly bad though and I just wanted to find out how people deal with it when things get tough. Any advice to help?

Things I find useful:

- accepting it. Not easy but if I can't work or have to cancel plans it's rubbish but it is what it is.

- Meditation - mindfulness helps to not get down

- Audiobooks - when I'm recovering and can't read or watch TV or go outside, audiobooks are a great form of entertainment

I'd love to hear your tips or advice on what works for you to stop you getting down about it all.



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