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I feel I gave no life

Hello I'm new here just looking for some advise, I have suffered with severe cluster migraines since I was 37 I am now 44, I usually have 4 or 5 days out of the month pain (ish) free , I am a mum if 4 and my husband us self employed I recently had to give up my job because it was all getting too much along with the constant pain I also suffer anxiety and depression, I always feel like I am letting people down. Anyway what I wanted to ask was has anyone here successfully claimed p.i.p or dla because if there migraines, I would love to work but it just isn't possible so would like to see if I can get any help. Sorry if this doesn't make sense but I'm having what I call a migraine hangover at the moment from good old sumatriptan .

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Just noticed my spelling mistakes , sorry ☺️


I suffer from chronic cluster headache - a very different condition from migraine - and with the help of my local citizens advice bureau have successfully claimed ESA for the last year. Recently the DWP assessed me as having a limited capability for employment so I do not have to job seek. The CAB advised me not to apply for PIP as I did not meet the criteria but this may be different for you.

If you have not already seen a neurologist, I would advise you request a referral from your GP as the written confirmation of your condition will greatly assist your claim.

The claim form for any benefit is quite complicated so I would definitely recommend asking the CAB to assist.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that, without the stress of working as well as running the home and family, your condition will improve.


Thankyou so much , yes I did think about contacting the c.a.b , that is what I will do , and will speak to my gp. Thanks again 😊


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