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Severe migraines getting worse during pregnancy

Hi ,

I'm a bit desperate about my migraines. I had seen my GP on and off and I was prescribed different drugs ( none of them helped ). Until I decided no more drugs and tried to deal with it with change of diet and lifestyle . My migraines became less frequent but I still experienced aura and numbness in my hands and tongue as well as problems with speech. My doctor refused to send me for any further tests and so I was left with my worries. I stopped seeing my doctor until last month I found out I'm pregnant. I cannot take any over counter medicines now and my migraines are getting worse - more frequent , with longer aura. I'm unable to work the day I have a migraine and last week I had three. I'm running out of excuses. My biggest worry is if my migraines can effect my baby and what can I do to easy my migraines while not to effect my baby at all. Plus I was googling migraines and pregnancy and they say the severe migraine may be sign of miscarriage. I know google is not the best to look for information. Please if there is someone in similar situation please I'll be very grateful for any tips.

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Hi, I had this problem and I did have Hughes Syndrome/APS. If you are truly unwell and concerned, please get your GP or any GP to refer you to somebody off this list, and also to do these tests. If you do the tests in a surgery setting, do them early in the morning, or in the hospital labs as the tests are a bit sensitive and need to not hang around. If you get no action, go to A&E and make them do the tests. Take your most articulate or professional friend or relative with you to act as your advocate.

At least then you can rule it out.

Preferably use a hospital with one of the specialists in it!



I know you say that your doctor has refused to do any more test but could you ask him to do a Serum B12 and Serum Folate test.

Low B12 can cause migraine like headaches.

Pregnancy can lower your B12 levels because B12 is vital to developing and maintaining a healthy nervous system so you will be passing it on to your baby.

You need folate (B9) as well to metabolise B12 properly.

This is a link to a check list of symptoms of B12 deficiency


just in case other items ring a bell as symptoms are quite diverse because B12 is used by so many parts of the body.

B12 is only found in animal products - fish and dairy seem to provide the most readily absorbed forms, so you can become deficient from lack in diet. Otherwise, if the symptoms ring bells from before your pregnancy, you may have developed a deficiency prior to pregnancy due to a problem absorbing B12 - there are several possibilities - including gastric surgery and some drug interactions - medical 'text books' say that an autoimmune problem (PA) is the most common cause but I'm not so convinced.

Unfortunately there isn't a really good test for B12 deficiency and significant numbers of people will actually be symptomatic even though results come back in what labs call the 'normal range' so if you do get the test done suggest you post results on the PAS forum and see what people say.

You may also have problems getting your GP to listen as awareness of B12 deficiency is much lower than it should be given prevalence in the population and many still seem to think that it is a form of anaemia - which it isn't - anaemia is just one of the possible symptoms and not necessarily one of the early ones.

B12 is non-toxic and there are no known downsides from having high levels of B12. It won't harm your baby and your baby needs good levels of B12 to ensure proper development of the nervous system.

Another possibility is that your B6 levels are low - so eat plenty of green veg. One possible route for this is the body converting your B6 to B9 (folate) as you will need more folate during pregnancy because of the role it plays with B12 etc.

I wouldnd't recommend using an artificial supplement without consulting your GP first as high levels of artificial B6 over long periods can cause neurological problems - B6 from food does not have this effect.


Have you ever tried acupuncture?

I went in the aim of assisting with the migraines I was suffering with all the time and to help with TTC issues.

It's worked for me :-)

My migraines and headaches have reduced a remarkable amount and you honestly feel like a different person.

I hope something helps you soon x


Ask your doctor to refer you to a specialist migraine centre - not just a neurologist, but a specialist centre. If he refuses again make a formal complaint. If you are with a large employer visit the occupational health service - you shouldn't have to be making excuses for being ill. Maybe join a union as well for support. The Migraine Trust also does and advocacy service.


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