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Burning sensation in legs (hot to touch) and shaky, drunk feeling?

Does anyone else feel a weird sensation descend, starting erg fast beating heart, burning legs (hot to touch, not painful) dizziness and slight shakes? Kind of weak, like feeling a bit drunk?

It's really common for me, maybe 2 times a week? I have no idea what it is but it's very unpleasant and a bit scary! Xx

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apart from heat in my legs, sounds like me when I have a bout of labrynthitis. I feel weak and shivery and seem to be looking through unfocused eyes.


Yes, I get those Migraine effects: pain shoots straight up my head, scintillating scotomae, mild nausea and slightly shaky legs. Our good US medical site, WebMD, describes them all as Migraines and/or Migraine aura. Scary but not life threatening.


Thanks both for sharing! It starts off with a rapidly beating heart, even when I am still, feels as if I've just ran up lots of stairs.

Then my legs go weak, and a warmth spreads, until my thighs begin burning with heat. I then feel shaky and almost drunk. Horrible.


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