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Intracranial pressure

When to insist on a new opinion.

For years I suffered with what you would call migraines. They prescribed glasses for me to help curb them, but it only made matters worse.

Then the pain behind the eyes, the nausea, the stiffness of my neck and the light sensitivity meant I knew something was wrong.

So I went for a second opinion and I'm glad I did, optometrist scanned the back of my eye and found bilateral Papeladema caused by pressure forcing my optic nerve in the back of my eye trying to somehow make room for the pressure in the skull.

I still have to have a blocker put in for the pain I will suffer for the rest of my life with ther deteriorating sight due to how long I left it untreated.

The Papeladema is now healed, how ever as my optioptic nerve pulls away and tries to heal, and the dura on my brain is badly bruised, I will suffer for quite some time.

I'm glad that I did the second opinion as it was so bad my specialist said I was crossed eyed, previous optometrist said I had lazy eye and needed glasses how wrong he was. Specialist said if left any longer I'd be blind by 30, it's been 4 years since I started treatment with no end in sight.

Please get a second opinion.

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You've just described my migraines. I've seen an ophthalmologist and was told everything was fine. Is there another type of specialist you would suggest? I don't take pain meds so I'm really feeling wiped out by the daily pain. I need relief.


A see a neurologist. He helps me with the pain management and also my treatment over the last few years. The opthmologist just makes sure your sight is safe, they aren't actually able to see the pressure or know what to look for. Neurologists are trained to assist with advanced migraines where no other treatment is working and to help find the underlying causes. I went to sydney eye hospital and told them of my issues with the visual disturbances from the migraines you would call squigglies. After this I met my specialist.


Thank you. I was just thinking it's time to see a neurologist again. Thank you! I hope you feel better soon.


What works for me is a dark room, and a lifted pillow higher than usual. Pain killers do nothing for me, so finding a work around is great. I find that air conditioner helps too, or an ice pack at the back of the neck. Wearing sunglasses when out or driving will help with the glare induced ones. Do fluorescent lights bother you at all?


Any artificial light bothers me so I use low watt lamps around the house. I can't do ice, but heat helps on my neck or over my eyes. I have a lot of neck pain so I can't elevate my neck much. I don't use pain meds either, which I have to admit lately I am rethinking it. I'm having 5 plus migraines a week right now so I'm exhausted. I appreciate you sharing with me what works for you.....it's always nice to get that feedback.


My specialist gives me occipital nerve blocks, they are a blessing. There are times nothing works sides that, I turn into a pile of pain free goo. It varies on how long it lasts person to person. It is risk free, and better than a lumbar puncture if your pressure isn't high enough.


I wish you well. <3


^I wish this for both of you. <3


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