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Im scared

I am 31 year old female.

157 lbs

bp 108/64/72

Before I started feeling so bad I worked out a lot..6 days a week cardio and weightlifting

it started about 8 weeks ago. I went shopping with my kids and the only thing I did was hit my head on my cars hatch twice. When my husband and I we t to eat I got scared and immediatley panickex like I was going to pass out in the reataurant and told him we had to go. The whole weekend I kept telling myself I was going to die. Made it to monday and went to the dr he gave my injections on the back of head and said nerves and anxiety. Went to the emergency room that nighr. Did ct scan and said it was negative.

I then told my dr who said anxiety but I convinced myslef it was anyuersm. Then the following week I was suddenly fine for a whole week. Then that Friday it was back eith vengence. I started having loud ringing in my ears with weird dizziness.

I went to ent and he said ears looked fine said it was tmj. Then went back to the er and they said I had no fever everything looked fine said maybe sinus headache gave me antibiotics. But knew it wasnt it.

Went back to dr he said get off of antidepressant and gave me a new one. And then gave me clozenopam. That made me feel crappy.

went back to er a few days ago because I thought I was having pulmonary embolism. Because of chest pain. Went to cardio. Checked out evwrything and it was fine

had mra of brain mri of spine . Have not heard anything. Feel dizzy when standing ears ringing head pressure and also feeling like my heart races when standing. This sucks.

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You say you work out a lot - it is known that people who do a lot physically use up B12 very quickly so it may be that you have developed a B12 deficiency.

The symptoms of B12 deficiency are very wide ranging and, unfortunately many medics think it is all about anaemia - which is a symptom that often doesn't materialise until other symptoms are well advanced.

There isn't a good test for it - though would strongly advise that you try to get a test before self-supplementing as supplementing (and you need really high doses if it is B12 deficiency) tends to cloud any results that you can get and make diagnosis even more difficult)

It isn't something that doctors tend to think about.

This list of symptoms may help


There is also a forum on Health Unlocked for B12 deficiency - PAS forum.

If you get the tests (Serum B12 and Folate: followed by MMA -urine seems to be recommended as the best) - and homocysteine) done I'd recommend that you post results on that forum

You may also find these sites really useful

UK based

US based


Hi Robin....Welcome to the "feel crap" group. Quick background, I have had Severe Daily Chronic Migraine for non-stop 17 years. Some advice......this will help. Don't get stressed, eat well, avoid orange juice and dark chocolate, re main positive. Get bloods checked and urine. MRI eventually.


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