Use of Oxygen

Has anyone had any luck with the use of oxygen, I have Danish relatives who say its fairly standard in Denmark to help relieve headaches. Seems to be a reluctance in UK to use this, my consultant says I should go to A&E to try this, bizarre really she doesn't seem to understand that once a headache starts the last thing you want to do is travel, then wait hours to be seen ?.

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  • I'd be interested to hear this as well - I've thought about buying my own to try it.

  • I've heard of oxygen being used for cluster headaches (even in the TV series "Casualty"!) but not for migraines.

  • I have a friend who is being treated for head trama who thinks that hyperbaric oxygen treatment helps and she has suggested it to me. I have migraines and visual snow. Check out the Mayo Clinic site regarding hyperbaric oxygen. There is a clinic here in the Seattle area that performs this treatment, and I would think that such clinics might exist all over the why would you have to travel? On the other side of the argument is that this might not be a standard or proven treatment for migraines, but I don't know much about it.

  • I have tried it. You can buy the oxygen container online. It looks like a normal aerosil can. I tried it for a month and it did nothing for me.

  • I have purchased a cylinder of the stuff, will try and see how it works.

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