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Sumatriptan Daily use


what is allowed when needing to take daily for a prolonged time and what dosage is the highest allowed.I know it all depends on side effects etc but would like to know what is recommended.

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Have you tried talking to either your GP or to the pharmacist that dispensed the sumatriptan

fairyeyes in reply to Gambit62

I have an app to see my gp in August,I am suffering with vile daily migraines at the moment and try hard not to take a tablet unless i am in real need but i have needed at least one a day but sometimes i feel i need another but have never taken more then one a day so was looking for a little advice until i see my gp.We also believe the migraines are due to a treatment i have been on so hoping they will get less in time.

Gambit62 in reply to fairyeyes

suggest that you speak to the dispensing pharmacist - although actually any pharmacist would probably be able to advice - if you can't get to the GP earlier.

The instructions with the tablet probably list the maximum dose that you should be taking unless otherwise directed by GP

GP, told me off for not taking as soon as I felt headache and trying to limit the number. But I know you can get rebound headache from too many. She seemed to think a cluster I had was because I was trying to hold back on taking then though

Vmitch in reply to fairyeyes

Aimovig I never injection works better than anything I’ve ever been on for chronic migraines. I’ve had migraines my whole life and so many things I cannot begin to name them all. But Aimovig has been the best to help. Going from 20-25 migraines a mo to maybe 4 has changed my life

Snoopydog1 in reply to fairyeyes

I would suspect you are getting rebound and somehow you probably need help to switch to something else that won't do this. I have trouble with rebound from the Triptans and just have to put up with pain on some occasions to break the pattern.

Paracetamol doesn't cause this and neither does the occasional paracetamol with codeine. Also Naproxen can help to break the cycle but the pain does sometimes take a few days to go but as long as its bearable.

Hey 😆 I've been told 8 per month. The idea is to hit the migraine fast and 2 should do that for that particular migraine, however, easier said than done!!

If you get daily migraines you can't stick to that but you really need to watch out for rebound headache from triptans.

Another thing!! I take 100's so if i was taking 50's i would take more.

Rizatriptan wafers are really easy to cut into 4, you could try that and see just how much triptan you need to blitz it!!

More advice will come 😆 always great to get lots of options. Take care 😆

fairyeyes in reply to Cally01

Thank you,i am taking 50 so i could up it a little if really desperate? x

Cally01 in reply to fairyeyes

Yeah you can. I usually take 100's but before that i was told by neurology i could take a max of 4 x 50's a week. So i guess that's just the same 😆

If you try 2x 50's if you get a corker you can see if that's better. You might not need as much as you may close it down faster 🖒.

Still discuss with your medical professional though.

Hope you get relief soon x

Vmitch in reply to fairyeyes

Get 100mg you can cut them in half and the dose is the same for any strength. . Comes in 25,50 and 100's mg

designer111 in reply to Cally01

Agree with Cally here. 8 max. and try to hit the migraine hard and fast.

I think it really depends on the individual.I have taken Sumatriptan for years and take 100mg now whenever needed.Some weeks I need them almost daily and other weeks not at all.My GP has said he would not be concerned if sometimes I was taking 20 a month but I know the recommended dose is 7 or 8 a month and I only take them when really necessary.Ask your GP.Good luck.

I'm on 50mgs and was advised by my neurologist not to take more than 8 a month. You have to be careful of rebound headaches also not good for the kidneys. A bit naff when you get daily migraines I know

Sumitriptan is a pain killer not a preventer so as far as I understand, should only be used once a migraine is starting. My GP only allows me 6 a month.

Vmitch in reply to SueRobinson

I was told that Imitrex closes the blood vessels in your neck. Migraines are when they open and blood rushes to your head. Like when I get hot.

Hi..... I have been told by neurologist and migraine doctor to take no more than 2 in one day, and only a couple of times per month. Any more and doctors tend to say you may get rebound headaches. Sumitriptan works well for episodic migraine, but not for chronic daily migraine. I do use them now and then, when I can't take any more pain as my migraines have transformed to daily. Best to check with your own doctor to be safe.

Vmitch in reply to Shawnie

Ask your doctor about Aimovig. It is a one time a month injection and has worked better for migraines that I’ve had my whole life anything I’ve tried. I highly recommend it I’ve gone from 20 to 25 a month or two maybe four or five that’s life-changing

Shawnie in reply to Vmitch

Hi.... Really glad that you have found something that makes a big difference to your life. certainly is life changing. Enjoy having your life back :) The new anti cgrp drugs have not been approved in Scotland yet, but I am keeping fingers crossed. Have you had any side effects from Aimovig?

Do you take any other pain killer? I have found that triptans rarely work for me on their own. At the start of migraine I take 3 x 300mg aspirin (or aspirin/paracetamol combination) and then take the triptan soon after. This works really well. For daily migraine/headaches I will take the aspirin then wait to see if they work before taking any more triptans. I don't take more than 2 triptans in 24hours (but always with the high dose aspirin). For full blown, total incapacitation migraine this regime is not effective- nothing is - but I do think that it does a lot stop one of those developing (well, so far...touch wood..). Hope this helps.

The doctor I consulted at the National Migraine Centre advised me not to take more than 8x50mg per month or I would be over-medicating and subjecting myself to rebound headaches.

My GP Told me if I needed them very frequently, I think a couple of times a week then I need to take a prophylactic at night as well. Can't remember exactly so best to check it out

They give 9 pills among because it's not good to take more. As of the injections you can takec1 wait 2. Hrs and take another one if needed. I have struggled with rebound headaches taking too much triptans and recently told anything Ibprophen lortab any thing can keep the cycle going so be careful. As your Dr orvphsrmacist. But they all discourage me from taking too many. They aren't to be taken Dalit 🤔

I have started taking Divalproex, one in the morning and one in the evening. It is helping me a lot..

Just curious with the 50mg does it take it away completely? Also have you taken it in an injection? I take 2 OTC excedrin for migraines and drink cold Pepsi. Many times it takes it away. If not I taken 1 pill and wait less than 15-20 min. If it is not gone I do an injection.

The goal is to stop the cycle, once I am in it can not get out if it. Last one was 4 days. I usually go to the Emergency Room for IV's or doctor for heavy injection.

Hope this helps..

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