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Imigran on prescription

I have been suffering from more migraines than normal recently, I find Imigran recovery (sumatriptan) gets rid of most attacks, I went to my Doctor to discuss, and he has taken me off the contraceptive pill, due to the memory loss I am now getting along with the migraines, but said that prescribing Imigran on the NHS was no cheaper than me buying it over the counter

I have now gone online to a well known UK chemist and have ordered generic Sumatriptan at a fraction of the cost, if they can sell it to me so cheaply, why could my doctor not prescribe it to me? I wondered if anyone was able to get this drug on the NHS.

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Strange? I have sumatriptan 12 tablets prescribed which cost me £8ish per prescription, but 2 imigran tablets cost £10 OTC. I have read that imigran is a cheaper less effective version of sumatriptan ( I don't know if that's true as I,ve never taken imigran) but something to consider.... No idea why GP won't prescribe but know there was a shortage of sumatripan recently ....


I am prescribed 6 at a time ...I pay an annual prescription charge so the more I ask for, the cheaper it is to me, on repeat, so I just tick the box....never had any problem with the GP. good luck xx


Thanks for the replies, I was asking him for it on prescription, as having to use it once or twice a week was proving very expensive at just under £9 for 2 pills. I think I will have to ask him again when I next see him and try and persuade him to change his mind, maybe it's a cost issue for the surgery. In the meantime I have ordered a supply online from a reputable UK based chemist.


I get it on prescription but pay yearly for all my prescriptions so unless you are able to get free prescriptions it's probably not worth it


I suffer daily migraines, I take sumitriptan daily if I run out I do buy otc imigran ..they cost around £8 70..@ most chemists not £ 10..there exactly the same,, boots do their own brand,, migraine relief costing around £1 cheaper..again exactly the same...I also get 30 botox injections every 3 months but still need ! 1 tablet per day..more at times when the botox has peaked & starting to dip as it does...


Whenever I have tried to buy imigran over the counter I have been given the third degree by the pharmacists about how often I'm taking it, and how many migraines I get per month. On one occasion I was refused it. I have read in the sumatriptan leaflets that taking it too often (so more than the six pills they tend to prescribe at a time) can cause headaches. Maybe if you're using it once or twice a week it's not as effective as you think?

Have you tried any other triptans? I've had 3 now and find naratriptan with domperidone works well, although I haven't needed it for a while.

As for your GP not prescribing it for you - maybe he's just out of touch with how much things cost over the counter?


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