Does a migraine cause blood vessels behind the ear to the brain to spasm out of control

And cause permanent damage to my right ear, making me deaf and the ear turn numb permanently. Also my eyesight deteriorating too. These episode's cause left sided stroke like symptoms too. Or are migraine's more about blood vessels dilating? What are your thoughts please. Ps all this without headache

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  • Hi there, please get your GP to test you for Hughes Syndrome/Antiphopholipid Syndrome. The tests are cheap to do, and if they suspect this, you need a specialist with that knowledge, I work as patient admin on the relevant forum and can easily give you a list of medical consultants with a working knowledge. Get tested just to rule it out.

    MORE about Hughes Syndrome/APS symptoms -


  • You can get migraine without headache - I do. I hope you have seen a doctor about this because it sounds like it needs investigating, especially as the symptoms don't go away and are getting worse.

    If you are having stroke-like symptoms you need to call 999 straight away - this is the quickest and best way to get assessed, and to get the right treatment to prevent further complications.

  • Thanks both of you, I have been investigated by a neuro and he says it's migraine driven, which does not make sense. He did the Antagen check and said it is no Hugh's syndrome. Last episode of above was diagnosed as a TIA even though my INR was 2.7 and has had more permanent damage to my hearing an eyesight, a hemotoligist is helping my sister find a solution, he does not think Hugh's but something heredity . Asked my GP to refer as I have met this hemotoligist and he is happy for me to be referred but my GP wants more proof?.

  • One thing you need to be aware of is that a number of people with Hughes Syndrome do not past the tests but have the clnical symptoms and are classed as Seronegative Hughes Syndrome: rheumatology.oxfordjournals...

    And if GP wishes you to refer to somebody regarding this, it is crucial that you are referred to somebody with the working medical knowledge - here is the list of specialists across the UK:


  • I noticed the Dr is on your list at Manchester who I am trying to get referred too. So that's good and I thank you for taking an interest xx:)

  • That is fine, despite the fact that the disease has been known about for 30 years it is frequently missed, if you look around the charity website you may recognize a few things with symptoms! MaryFx

  • Thank you MaryF xx

  • That is ok, I have this disease by the way! MaryFx

  • Sorry to hear about your lack of diagnosis. Have you had a carotid artery ultrasound to ensure that this is not partly blocked and causing small clots to occur causing Tia? Again I agree as previous response said any symptoms of stroke need urgent assessment. Nospig

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