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Cluster Headache

Hay Guys,

The Month of May is over my head and as I mentioned earlier that this C H starts during the month of May to 10-15 of august as I am episodic and after 10-15 august it disappears like it never existed.

I am suffering for the last 18 years and not to mention what I have tried to relieve me from this evil.

Last year I went to a Muslim priest (ALIM) who looked in my eyes and said that this is the work of evil spirits in your head and not a problem to shunt them out. You know he really did it and after being in pain for the month of May he stopped it in one day by reciting something over me and it vanished like anything. You people must be thinking

Ohhh ????!~!!! %%%% #### @@@@

Well guys Mississippi State University granted me Ph.D. Degree and thinks that I am educated and you will be thinking that I am talking like uneducated person by believing on this kin of stuff.

Man, when you are in this pain, you want to do anything to get out of it. So I did and it really worked for me in a minute or so.

That Priest is out of town for the last 4 months and I keep on asking him about his return as the pain is circling over my head to attack any time soon.

Hopefully he be back soon and I am sure I will be free of this evil pain this year too.

Wish me luck and I do the same for all the C H sufferer or any pain as pain is pain that is no good anyway

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