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Has anyone tried Oxygen for their migraines?

I don't know if this is a silly question, but I always feel very very tired (I mean exhausted) just before & during a migraine, like I don't have enough oxygen in my body. I have this air hunger & constant yawning with a fuzzy head. Then the migraine develops soon after.

I feel that I want to breathe in pure oxygen. Has anyone actually tried this and does it work. I see you can buy canisters from Oxyfit and I'm tempted to give it ia try.

At the moment I'm on Topiramate & sumatriptan but they both have side effects.

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I use oxygen on the onset of my migraine starting, I don't feel like it puts my migraine away it only helps calm down the pain a little. My neurologist organizes it for me do I don't need to pay for it. You should maybe ask ur doctor about it to see if u can get it for free?



Thanks Loops, I think I'll buy one first & try it. Then if it works I'll ask my doctor about getting it, as I'll feel a bit silly if it didn't work.


This fits with my own query, thankyou for posting. I have asked my neuro for oxygen since learning more about migraine the past 18 months( I have had chronic debilitating migraine since 98, the very worst of it seemingly is behind me now as management is pretty good) but he said its a gp request- it's a funding fight...I do get botox every 12 weeks having been supported by my gp & neurologist to get this course of treatment as a final 'cure', have had 4 treatments so far in the past year, with some good weeks in that time( the first six to 8 weeks in are my better days, overall), but tho it helped for a part of the start/middle few weeks, i felt other pains that detracted from that relief! In my scalp, skin, eyes, neck, and the last time, strong shoulder pain that i went to ER for. I have also still needed my daily meds and relaxation, diet, a majority of that time to manage myself, and sumatriptans, into my stomach( which causes burning pain and swelling there due to reflux/life long damage over years of pain relief) have still been an essential part of my coping- particularly around trigger zones( coffee, petrol smell, stress, over excitemenet, over activity, sugar highs and dips, menstruation changes in hormones, sleep quality and duration, weather, bright lights) and as botox faded from my body some 8-10 weeks in, peaking 4-8 for feeling quite well, and I found other side effects bothered me some days to a degree I absolutely regret having botox.Thn when the true 'daily'/rapid onset/continual pain recurs and lingers weeks before the next session I feel I would like to pursue it to obtain what I imagine to be a period of relief, thought it is replaced by other symptoms that are also not nice! I feel the very same as you state, yawning alot, noticably! Cluster heads use oxygen. I believe it will work for me, and for you. Let's try! When I next see my dr/neuro I will ask again for oxygen. Best oif luck with your journey, I hope you find some good sources of relief that last ( currently say freezing the family by open window hoping the air will stop the pain, but its quite strong I shall probably inject soon) ..


I had it on prescription and it worked quite well!


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