Temperature issues with migraine?

Does anyone else feel like this during a migraine attack or is it just me?

Feeling freezing cold one minute so I turn the heating up only to be overwhelmed by heat half an hour later. I seem to yoyo between hot & cold all the time and the heating is on & off alternately. If I get hot it makes my head thump, & likewise if I get too cold. It seems like I can't regulate my own body temperature. My feet & hands usually remain very cold even if the heating's on.

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  • yes I get very hot or shiver

  • Yes I get that too..go really hot then shivery with cold sweats. Probably too much info but I always feel like I sweat more too.

  • I experience something similar, I get very cold and struggle to warm up at all. I generally feel the cold but it is amplified when I have a migraine.

  • yes --- I find it weird that that the chemists sell the "cooling strips" as part of migraine relief but that is just me (lol) as I cannot tolerate temperature fluctuations, I do enough of that myself. It drives my husband potty, he thinks I cannot make my mind up!

    poor you, you have my sympathy

  • i have a rare migraine severe vertigo/spinning for hours with vomiting bed bound for days as cant walk, with raynauds diagnosed after MRI (my consultant mr surenthen)

    my fingers and toes also my nose ears and soles of my feet go white like a candle then change colour to dark purple then throbbing red and so very painful, is this like what you are experiencing? cold to the core? i know nothing apart that...will say this has messed up my life.

  • I do feel for you, Sammy-jojo. I too suffer from vertigo & can have mini episodes on a daily basis (I no longer drive). It's worse just before & during a migraine attack & I also get those prolonged dizzy spells which last for hours. I take stugeron when it's very bad. Sometimes helps.

    My hands & feet go white, but not purple & no pain, but I don't have raynauds.

  • I have tried stugeron serc16 & stemitil but after diagnosis I was put on nortriptoline , so pleased that someone else has this and yes I too have daily spins normally in bed at night like a rocking ship and a spin here n there. Do you have any ear pressure problems?

  • Forgot to say my feet used to not be painful but this winter I've had it bad. Also there's a connection between migraine raynauds & scleroderma

  • Hello Sammy-Jo-Jo

    I have tinnitus & have a hospital appointment at ENT soon to test for mineire's disease. Has your doctor checked for this? Also your problems could be due to low thyroid. Has your doctor tested this? I suggested you have a look at Thyroid UK through Healthunlocked.

    Go to Communities at the top of this page & click on 'find a community'

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