Hi I've been suffering migraine on an off for twenty years but the last two years I've had them at least every two weeks aim 50 yrs old

Iam on H R T my gp seams all he wants to do is give pills out that really space me out aim on propanol for the last twenty years it is really impacting on my life I can not plan anything because I just don't know how I will be feeling has anyone got any suggestions

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  • I was in the same condition as you up until did a sleep test and found out that sleep apnea was my problem.

    For nearly two months now I have been migraine free thanks to CPAP therapy. I have completely stopped taking propanolol and am back to playing golf three times a week.

  • I'm 54 , tried everything for almost constant migraine . hrt didn't work .

    Now on pregabalin that has so far worked amazingly well ( 5 weeks and no sign of a headache !! ) . good luck

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