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Anyone else struggling with the hot weather?

Feel really grumpy for complaining about it! Made everyone at work close the blinds yesterday - everyone was claiming they couldn't cope or think properly in the heat, and I just thought, "This is how I feel several times a month!" Lovely big migraine followed last night.

Today I am fighting with the headache, stuck indoors with all the curtains closed. I can't possibly drink any more water. Oh well, at least I won't get sunburn.

Was going to ask something else but it's completely slipped my mind again.

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My sympathies! Though I actually look forward to hotter weather as I have fond memories of hot holidays in southern France some 20 years ago when I used to get fewer bad head days than I did for the rest of the year.

Yesterday I kept cool by going to the south Devon coastal footpath (we live in south Devon) over lunchtime and sitting under an awning in a lovely cooling breeze, relaxing. Obviously not possible if you have to work, (or don't live near the coast!) but something to look forward to, maybe! Invoke health and safety if work is too hot! I worked in the NHS so they were very aware of keeping offices well ventilated and correctly temperature regulated. For now I use cold damp flannels on face, back of neck and wrists and try not to do much. I had a banging headache last night which was slow to respond to my usually reliable Zomig rapimelt, so I had to go to bed and lie in the dark. Luckily I'm painfree so far this morning. Another tip - our house is upside down, so we sleep in the downstairs where it's really cool all day (and freezing in winter, of course). Hope you manage to find some relief.

All the best, Patti


Feel fine now and it's even hotter!


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