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Does anyone else experience these auras?

Hello. I've been diagnosed with migraine not too long ago. I get aura before them, followed by severe headache, vomiting (Once and sometimes twice) and unsteadiness. My auras so far include: 1. A crescent in the top left corner of my field of vision. Colourless and blurry. 2. A semi-circle with lines in. The lines would move down it, more lines appearing at the top when lines dissapeared at the bottom of the shape. 3. A VERY big crescent in the right of my field of vision, colourless with eyes open, but, when closed, had zig-zags and was rainbow coloured. 4. A HUGE blind spot, curved, which moved in a way similar to when the TV has no signal. (You know, when it goes grey and makes that horrible noise.) I was wondering if anyone else got these auras? (Especially number two.) Thanks. Oh, and sorry if my spelling wasn't top.

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Hi, I,ve had migraine with aura for over 20 years and have the same disturbance in my vision that you have described, mainly the crescent shaped zig zag that gets bigger until it disappears. There is no cause for concern as long as you definitely have migraine. The aura is simply a warning that you are about to have a migraine attack and is the best time to take your medication. Hope this helps and its always best to speak to your doctor if only to put your mind at rest.


I've had migraine since my early teens (I'm now into my late 30's) and the aura you describe has always been the first sign that a migraine is on it's way. My migraine follow a predictable path through the aura, then tingling followed by numbness in my tongue, lips and lower left arm. After that I get the joy of slurred speach, stammering and 'missing' words where for the life of me I just can't remember a word I'm trying to use. As you can imagine it's all very distressing so I sympathise with you completely but assure you that the aura you describe is VERY common in migraine sufferers. On a plus note I am quite lucky in that my migraine only last for 3 hours maximum and I get barely any pain at all...


hi. sounds awful. i have similar,apart from slurred speech /missing words, thank goodness! mine start where i feel 'spaced out' and get pins and needles in my left forearm,hand,left side of lip and sometimes my tongue. when i read something half or the middle part of the word/sentence is missing. a blinding pain over my eye. sometimes when i am talking i am not always aware of what i am saying,like i am not there,mine usually last around 3hours too. (had to ask to go home from work the last time which i never do.) usually have them every 6-8months. the recent was on the wednesday about 3wks ago, then the wednesday after at bed time,then another on the saturday night. so about 3 in 3 wks. any advice? could really do with some!

thanks in advance. hope you feeling a bit better :D



I usually get a blind spot 'off centre' of my vision which 'spreads' and becomes a zig zagging "scintillating scotoma" (you can Google this, lots of useful resources on the web) until I have tunnel vision (like looking down a kaleidoscope of coloured lights).

This fades away and I always get a headache then.

Sometimes in the run up to the aura (the so-called prodrome phase) I called flashes of 'lightning' across my vision or numbness in my fingers, always in my left hand interestingly!


yes i get the exact same symptems as you some times feel like banging my head in the wall becuase you know your going to get servere pain when they subside.


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