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Anyone else experience 'silent migraine'?

For a couple of years now (maybe more actually) I get the occassional attack of what I have heard termed silent migraine. I get (almost without warning really) a violent electric-shock like feeling in my head where I am not able to focus and essentially just need to drop to the floor or hold on to something. Once that initial period (not more than a few seconds) passes, I am left with a 'hangover' where i feel very disorrientated, light headed and like my vision isn't right (blurry and difficulty focusing - especially walking down the stairs for example).

I have worked out that if I take Ibupfroen then it radically improves the hangover symptoms - almost clearing them entirely.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I get this and semi-frequent tension headaches but not traditional migraines. I had thought it was linked to blood sugar initially but the pattern suggests otherwise.

All the best,


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Rich, I don't get Migraines like that anymore but, a year ago, while trying to get off Prednisone, I had them. With the help of my GP and Physical Therapist - both are Angels Who Walk Among Us - I'm working the lifestyle changes at least to ameliorate the condition. YES, blood sugar plays a part; my arthritis does, too; our gut-health is a big part of it . . . Doctors are working toward functional approaches but, it's good the Ibuprofen works for you while Science moves glacially toward a solution.


Hello, Rich.

My migraines changed over the years, from photosensitive hemiplegic, to what I referred to as 'silent' migraine, maybe not the scientifically/medically accepted, terminology, but I'd have all the symptoms I used to get, the visual disturbance, the partial numbness, the vertigo, the nausea, the inability to think clearly, slurred speech, all of it, but not the pain. Still debilitating, and life-impacting, but no pain. I had a horrible period in the Autumn of 2013, where I had a spate of 23 of them in just under two months, and my GP prescribed Triptans, and then doubled the dose to 100mg.

The Triptans were partially effective, but I was using too many, and having the 'rebound' migraine at the weekend, from limping myself through the working week on the Triptans, and I went back to my 'old' method of cycling Ibuprofen (which wrecks my gut) and Co-codamol, which I'm well aware is addictive.

I still get the aura sometimes, but I haven't had a migraine in almost a year. I had a ruptured brain aneurysm in February, and am awaiting surgery on a second aneurysm they found while they were in there... saving a fortune on codeine, mind you.


Used to get silent migraines regularly, at least once a week - nausea, dizziness, not quite feeling all there.

I've been on preventative medication for 2 years, and also have botox. I think these things work well for the headache.

Not so sure that they help the silent migraine - the dark mornings / afternoons and having to work in an office with horrible lighting is probably triggering it for me.


Hi Rich

Prob not very helpful but my friend gets them and only it seems at times when she is stressed. She then needs to go lie down ideally and feels tired and drained for the rest of the day. Maybe stress related for you too?


Yes I get these, and can get a few days of aura, or sort of dizziness of walking into walls. I go through clusters of them. My neurologist said it is a way migraines present. My main trigger is awful flourescent lights, stress and neck tension as well.


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