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Is this migraine? Am i alone with these symptoms?


Hello there. Just wanted to see if anyone else suffered migraines with these symtoms. Last year i was playin with my son on bed n banged ny head whilst hangin off edge of bed. This truggered couple days later like tensuon headaches, pulsing pain in side of my head. Drs sed it was tension but they continued on n off with odd case of pins and needles. Finally saw neurologist who sed cronic migraines. Didnt have any headaches for months then all of a sudden they cum back. Its constant, sometimes just like heavy pressure in top of head sometimes on my forehead like normal headache, sometimea pulsing pain in different parts of my head. These pains sometimes cause my face to feel achy tingly or numb and nausea and dizziness. Eyes hurt sometimes too. Im getting really scared but suffering anxiety disorder probably doesnt help. Any reassurance is welcome that im not alone with these symptoms

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Are you still seeing anyone about your headaches & sensations in your head? If you've got new symptoms and haven't already told your GP it would be a good idea to make an appointment.

I get tingling in my face - I have chronic pain there as well as migraine. My left eye also hurts during a migraine and I can sympathise with the pulsing pain because I get that too. A lot of my facial pain & migraine is caused by excessive tension in my shoulder and neck muscles.

I know people who suffer from anxiety attacks and they have reported numbness in the face during an attack. The body responds to anxiety by making the heart beat faster and increasing the breathing, and all sorts of things happen that result in these sensations, including feeling sick & dizzy.

It could be migraine or anxiety, or a bit of both. It's frightening sometimes during a bad bout of head pain. If you can, try to tell yourself that you will be OK, it will pass, and try to breathe slowly. You're not alone, but you probably need to see your GP so that you can get some help in managing things better.

Hope this helps in some way.

Thank you. Its just so frightening because its there constant now but in different parts of my head and sometimes more intense sometimes just manageable. Just when anxiety takes over i just think the worst and start getting panicky. Its just nice to have that reasurrance im not alone, ive never suffered headaches like this

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Sounds exactly me for 2

Months pls msg back if u see this!


Did the neurologist come up with a treatment plan that works for you? If not, you really should see a specialist. As we always say on here - that is what we are here for! Our doctors will give you a diagnosis and come up with personalised treatment for you.

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