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Migraine 23years

Hi everyone, newbie here, any1 had any luck with meds that help. I have had migraines since age of 5 so 23years, inherited strong from my mum and nan, never found anythin good, paramax was good as a kid used to knock me out cold so could sleep but doesnt seem to work now an adult. Xx

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Hi there, I have been taking Rizatriptan (Maxalt) for the past 16 years and they really changed my life. My migraines changed about 2 years ago and became more frequent and more severe so I am now on Topiramate daily, it is a preventative, and things have settled for me. I have also tried amitryptiline but that did not help at all, but I know it has worked for some people. Hope you are able to find something to help. Good luck


Hi , I tried amitryptiline and I found that didn't help either, topiramate was good but had to come off as want to try for baby and it can cause problems with baby, but think I may have found a miracle tablet I had a pretty bad migraine last week you know the ones were ur climbing the stair on all fours , and ur head actually hurts to lay down on pillows , I ran out of all medicine stupid girl and all I had in was tesco max strength cold and flu capsules I took 2 of those and in morning it had completely gone still felt weak but pain had gone , I have never In all my life had that so I will be using those again ,

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Wow, that's great! I'll give them a go myself :)


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