Menstrual migraines

Hello everyone,

I'm on 50 mg on topiramate a day and just started on 75mg pregabalin twice a day for severe anxiety.

Question is my headache/migraine build up every day for about a week. The topiramate doesn't seem to help with them. I've been on it about 6 weeks. I'm reluctant to increase the dose for side effects but I've read 50-100mg is migraine preventing dose. It does help with preventing migraine at other times of the month.

How do other women manage their migraines around this this time? I take mefenamic acid 500mg three times a day for PMS physical symptoms and that doesn't shift either. Sumatriptan doesn't help that's why my GP tried topiramate.

Please any advice, help much appreciated 💗

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  • Hi Clazzy78 😁

    I had a tincture made for me by a herbal gp. It's definitely reduced hormone fluctuation migraines which always wiped me out and triptans never helped

    I'm 52 and now perimenopause.

    Take care 💖

  • Thankyou. I will look into that. They are debilitating. I've got 4 yr old twins and I don't need it!

  • Look up Butterburr. It's been really helpful for my adult daughters and mine menstruel migraines. I like migra-ease and my daughter likes migravent. Both on Amazon.

    I feel your pain!

  • Thankyou.

    It's just strange as topiramate is great for non-menstrual ones but not helping for the menstrual related ones 😟

  • I took topomax for awhile. No, I agree, it doesn't help that much with the hormonal ones. I also found my memory was shot at the higher therapeutic dose, so I stopped.

    I've found butterburr is just as good and better for menstruel then topomax ever was.

  • Thanks. Will have a look at look at that.

  • The butterbur looks really promising. Will discuss with Gp if topamax don't work. Thanks for that I'd never heard of it 💗

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