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Migraine madness

Hi all I'm nee to this, hope your all well as can be, I never suffered migraines up until I got pregnant with my first an had them ever since But I'm getting the migraine auras there so scary.... I have zig zags in my eyes then parts ov my body go like a numbing tingly feeling ! I'm also suffering with anxiety so its not helping that at all, I'm a single mum to two and live on my own. Its getting to the point where I don't wanna go home on my own incase a migraine aura happened, anyone else suffer like this an have ways they kinda deal with them or stop them from happening please xx

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Hi Beckie

Sorry to hear that you have started with migraine. It can be so debilitating.

I've had migraines for 30 years now and for the first 10 years I got the zig zag auras about an hour before an excruciating migraine. There doesn't seem to be a lot you can do to prevent the aura but sit it out.... On the up side It is a good indicator to take some painkillers to try and prevent the pain that follows.

I rarely get auras now, but there are other warning signs like excessive yawning.

You will be limited as to what medication you can take if you are having hemiplegic? migraine (where it's making body parts go numb or tingly) these symptoms are supposed to be due to restricted blood supply in the brain so they can't prescribe vaso-restrictors like triptans, which cause the arteries/veins to narrow to combat the pain.

Have you spoken to your GP about treatment options? Your anxiety could be causing muscle tension in your face and neck...especially if you clench your jaw or grind your teeth at night - this in turn tenses the muscles around your head ......which can cause migraine (this causes most of mine)

I'm trying acupuncture now and it seems to be working when I'm in an attack, but isn't preventing them.

There is a herbal remedy called feverfew which can prevent migraine if taken every day, and it worked for me apart from hormonal migraine.....but they come back if you stop taking it....

I hope you can find some relief soon

xx Zara xx


Hiyaa Zara thankyou for replying to my post glad to hear your migraines have eased a little xx.... I've been to the doctors but they have not really sed much about my migraines, see I a hell ov alot ov worrying an stuff which I believe will be setting them off, I'm getting my anxiety under control so I'm hoping that will ease them I've only suffered migraine auras since I was pregnant with my eldest then they stopped then had them again with my youngest then I didn't have one until I had the contraceptive implant put in then I had a big one, so now I've had that out I'm hoping my body will now just settle and get back to normal, I can cope with the head ache its self its the zig zags an the numbish ness, I really do think myn are down to stress well at least I'm hoping so now I can de stress n not get them lol if only its as easy as that n thankyouu xxxx

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BeckieeLouise - Migraine and anxiety often go hand in hand (the technical term is "commonly comorbid"), so you are not alone! Here are a few suggestions to explore: (1) if you can learn to recognize your prodrome phase (symptoms that come before the aura), treat the migraine with an abortive migraine drug at that time; (2) have an emergency plan for when you're driving or home alone with the kids when migraine hits; (3) explore possible migraine preventive options. Good luck!

- Oh My Migraine (twitter: @migrainefeed)


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