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I get migraines very often but still have things I have to do. Any suggestions for surviving a loud day with a migraine?

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MapSavvy- I am right there with you! Do you get a break at all from them? The ones that are the hardest for me is when I wake up in the middle of the night or early AM and my head is pounding.

If you get a break the best thing I can say is as soon as you feel the first "spark" of pain or twing of pain start with your preventitive medication. I drink a pepsi and take 2 migraine drugs right away.. if that doesn't work, I only give it about 15-20 min. I start my Imitrix (pill form) and if I again don't get relief then I do my injections. If I am still not feeling better then I take my serious medication. I also try to eat almonds or drink a coffee drink with almond milk. about %80 of the time it has stopped.

If I don't follow this to a T, I can be days in pain. I have also used ice on my neck and tried to sleep and sometimes this will also help.

Good luck, I was just thinking today how hard life is with migraines.

Take care

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Interesting you drink a pepsi. I find sparkling water helps sometimes, no idea why. And tiger balm on my face. I've been using a detox tea for my liver and my migraines are improving. Co-codamol works now which it never did before, and best to take it and go back to sleep for an hour or two. We all have to find what works for us, which can take years ....

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