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Diagnosed with Aura Migraines? Yet being referred to Neuro-Opthalmology!


Had VEP & ERG due to intermittent peripheral blurry vision in my left eye. Lasts for a few minutes at a time and appears like watery ripples that surrounds my peripheral vision!

I have had a range of tests including field vision tests & optic MRI. Field tests showed abnormalities at the back of the eye. MRI did not show any issues with optic nerve.

The attached is the outcome from the VEP & ERG which suggests it could be migraines!

I also have an issue with my Sphenoid Sinus & a Pituitary Adenoma!

What are your thoughts?

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I assume you will be going to see an Opthomologist? Was he thinking it was your Retina? The field test is testing the outer parts of your visual field

I am under the eye clinic where I have been seen by an ophthalmologist. At the point of the VEP & ERG I think they were concerned about a delay between the optic nerve and the retina?

High Spinal cord fluid pressure is known to cause peripheral vision issues

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Hi now that is interesting as the neurologist sent me for a lumbar and sacral MRI. I have had lower back issues for years which is progressively getting worse. I have had at least 5 episodes of feeling like my left foot is standing in water and times when I can’t put one foot in front of the other. I also get numbness, twitching, and pins & needless! I am waiting for the results and contacted Kings today to remind them. I am seeing neuro ophthalmology on the 20th December..

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Hiii, just be aware of it and push for results sooner. My mum has high spinal fluid and the low back pain was a symptom for her. Good luck with the results

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