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tender area on scalp with numbness


hi, does anyone have a very tender area on the top of the head which seems to spread down around the ear and whole of the right side of their face and head, causing a painful numbness and feeling of pressure? Been a migraine sufferer for years but this seems different.

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I don't have a tender spot, but I do have a feeling of pressure building up in a specific place ( back of head, quite high up) Strangly i find that eating sugar gives this to me... but it is also linked to dehydration..... I think....Sorry if I'm no help, it seems we are all searching for an answer, but is there one???.

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thanks for your reply.

I think we all have different triggers and tolerances and it's important to know them. It's said that sugar is the new toxin now, but soon everything will be bad for us, and i am not willing to give it up yet. Migraines run in my family and i have passed it on too, but there doesn't seem to be much interest in that.. From a young age i have suffered throbbing, horrendous and uncontrollable migraine pain in the area/place you have mentioned, only for it to be replaced by this (in a different place), a year or so ago.. Have you been checked out for migraine? I think you are right there is no real answer and we all have to help ourselves, or am i just being cynical.

Anyway i shall be watching the lectures offered for 23 -29 April and who knows maybe somebody will be able to help us all.

thanks again

yep I can relate to that. I've been telling my GP and neurologist about this for probably the last 10 years. They did check me for MS. It never quite goes away but it's always there down the left side of my head and neck now. In fact you could cut my head in half as the right side is completely different. It's the left side where I get migraines on though the migraines have changed in the last 4 or 5 years from violent frequnt episodes to continuously there sort of grumbling along and sometimes more prominent. The numbness has never gone away though. Very tender spot above left eye near bridge of nose, one at the very top of scalp, one by ear. However I would say the whole left side of my scalp is fairly tender most of the time now. Oh and my temple is very tender on that side and often feels like pressure is building up.

I find more help on here than at my GPs.

It would be interesting to know if you find any more out Chelsea00

cheers Sallyb

thanks Sallyb,

In one way it's quite reassuring to know you have had these tender/numbness areas for quite a few years and are here to tell the tale! However, the downside has to be that you still have these without resolve. I have had excruiating sharp pain in my right temple a couple of times, and do get tenderness there sometimes. And my migraines have changed from an uncontrollable throbbing pain at the back of my head ,that happened on and off since childhood, to this painful numbness that i have almost daily. Several years ago i had 'icepick' headache and the tender area now is the same place where i used to get that and this area seems to have expanded too, over the last year or so.

Back to the heat wrap for now anyway and avoidance of strong medication.

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