If I've not been physically or mentally harmed in any way by other people, what causes my depression?

A lot of self conflict causes me to hide my feelings. I feel mentally trapped by my family, because I am always mediating, and I feel harmed by myself, but nothing else seems to be the problem. I think have suffered with a psychopathology, and I need to speak to a GP, but I don't know what is wrong with me.

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If you are always mediating that must put a lot of stress on you which may have led to your depression. Also if you are mediating then your other needs cannot be being met. Perhaps you would find it helpful to talk to a counsellor as that will help you to sort out your feelings, because you are depressed does not mean you are ill, just needing to sort out feelings and thoughts. Your GP can refer you to a counsellor.



Why are you always mediating with your family Anxiety? Do you somehow feel responsible for them? Is there a real need for you to do this? What do you think would happen if you stopped?

I am not saying this is the situation for you but sometimes people take responsibility for others as a way to avoid taking responsibilty for themselves. Its a way of running away from your own problems. I have a sister who does that...and it doesn't make her happy!

Bev x


I think I know what made me depressed now. There were quite a few factors. For now I think I'm happy to be unsure about how to solve the depression: I can't solve everything all of the time.


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