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How do I tell my doctor that I don't want to take medicines for my depression?


I suffer from clinical depression and anxiety. My doctor had prescribed me with zoloft but I am absolutely sure that I do not want to take medicines. I was to find a natural way of curing my depression (in combination with therapy). How do I tell my doctor? I'm scared that he'll judge me, think of me as a bad patient, get fed up and irritated by me and then stop helping me.

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Consult a counsellor mayb that can help

Just tell him. And yes, it's not impossible you will be viewed as a difficult patient; of course it's also quite possible your doctor will understand your decision.

As for finding a "natural" treatment... there may be things like diet, food supplements, exercise, that can make a difference for some people. But pharmaceuticals aren't automatically bad. They aren't something you *have* to avoid. They can have serious side effects to be sure, but they can also be useful.

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