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hi just wondering if i can split a 15mg mitazapine in half

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hi yeah you could I done it on Thursday and Friday with a 45mg tablet and slept just the same.

just to double check these are film coated

I'm sure you can but its a little tricky. Are you reducing to come off or is there another reason?

Generally speaking yes with a pill split, purchased at chemist, however you need to discuss that with your Doctor, if your Doctor advised this He would have told you to do so.

Has your Doctor advised this, if not keep taking the full dose, as sometimes there can be consequences


Never tried 7.5 mg, but I think it may be more sedating?

Don't think 7.5mg is available in the UK, (unless you break pills in half), but maybe in the US I think.

But yeah, it's fine to break them in half. What's the worst that could happen? If it's less effective that way then obviously you increase it back.