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World Mental Health Day 10th October 2018 #worldmentalhealthday

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The World Health Organisation (WHO,) has designated today as the annual World Mental Health Day. The theme for this year has been set by the World Federation for Mental Health) is,


The focus is on the challenges and pressures faced by young people from adolescence to young adulthood across the globe struggling with the changing world they live in trying to cope with transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Young people are ‘particularly vulnerable to developing mental distress and illness’ (WHO,2018 ) trying to cope with life changes such as leaving home, getting a job, going to university, surviving in a humanitarian crisis, victims of abuse and much more. Helping our young people to learn the tools and techniques to develop resilience and good mental health is vital, by providing opportunities and access to get the education, support and help they need in a timely fashion is important.

According to WHO (2018) 50% of mental health problems begin before 14 years old. Among 15-29 years old, the second largest killer is suicide. There is a significant increase in alcohol and substance abuse leading to dangerous, risky behaviours e.g. unsafe sex, dangerous driving, as well as eating disorders.

Educating parents, teachers, health professional, and all of us about the early warning signs developing in children and young people is necessary. Government investment in raising the awareness of the growing mental health crisis and providing the appropriate and adequate resources to prevent it getting worse, and to help those in need is vital.

For more information follow the links below.

Hope this gives some food for thought and consider how we can raise awareness in our local communities.

MAS Nurse


WHO (2018) World Mental Health Day 2018

World Federation for Mental Health (2018) World Mental Health Day 2018

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The state of Mental Health in USA is bad. No mention by our leaders to reform mental health treatment or facilities. People who can’t afford treatment or do not have a support group end up homeless or incarcerated. Mental Health follows DSM but anger, jealousy, passive aggressiveness, are all exhibited in the politics of the day. If I look to find one mental health champion in my government I come up empty. Not even any peacemakers. Mental hospitals in NY are filled to the rafters with people who cannot be transferred to the long term facilities they need because there is no room or legal hurdles. Sometimes patients stay in emergency cate for months because they have mental retardation. People who work in these environments are underpaid. Art and recreation therapist who are expected to intervene with violent patients risking their lives are paid 40,000 dollars with a masters degree to pay off and must go to conferences to 70 hrs to keep their license. The average one bedroom apt cost 1600 dollars to rent and that would be a crap place.

Mental health needs to be free. There needs to be more promotion of mental health. The stigma needs to removed.

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