Should I see my doctor now?

Today I felt really low and as if I could have walked out of my job and gone home and pulled the covers of my bed over my head! I cannot sleep properly any more and dread night times now, bored rigid laying in bed tossing and turning with my churning mind. I'm totally exhausted and feel guilty by the time I get home and husband cooks our meals knowing how tired I am. I honestly don't know what to do. My colleague noticed I wasn't quite right and said I might be having an anxiety attack of some sort. I feel I have no emotions and I'm just about functioning trying to be my usual self. Can anyone advise me please?

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  • ow long have you felt like this?

  • I don't really know for sure, it's something I've got used to but it is getting worse because I am now noticing. I think the lack of proper sleep is making things worse.

  • How awful for you. Lack of sleep can be very hard on our whole selves, mind and body. Really you should see a Doctor. I'm sure you're not enjoying your life right now so why not take care of it? Let us know how you're getting on. ZZZZ Pam

  • Hi I emphasise with you as the same thing has happened to me before. I got upset and very stressed at work and just walked out. Work wasn't amused but were very understanding.

    My first warning my depression was getting a lot worse was I stopped sleeping. At first I still got to sleep quite quickly but would wake up multiple times during the night. Then I stopped being able to go to sleep for hours as well. That with the empty feeling makes me think you could be suffering from depression. Obviously I am not a doctor but I do think a trip to yours would be worthwhile.

    There are some depression tests online so why not do a couple of them to get an idea if you are depressed or not. I hope this helps a bit.

  • Please be encouraged. What your experiencing is very common with depression. Life becomes colorless and looses it's luster completely at times. I went to see my doctor when this happened to me and it took some burden off of me to know I wasn't alone and many other people suffered with these symptoms and also that I was going to be ok. It feels horrible to be so down when life was once an enjoyable experience but when it's not we can receive help from the professionals 🤓 Also God is always there if you need to talk to someone when no one else understands 😊 you're never alone and hope you start feeling better soon.

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