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NO CIRCUMCISION ON THIS FORUM PLEASE. POSTS MAY BE DELETED. New forum for circumcision and other penis issues

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Hi everyone, circumcision, tight foreskins and other penis issues are VERY popular on the Men's Health Forum so we've set up a new community to talk about just these things. Men's Health Forum (Penis Chat) is all about penis health. The Men's Health Forum, this forum, will be of all other aspects of our health, both physical and mental.

From January 2019, we'll be closing down the discussions on circumcision on this forum and deleting new posts so to talk about penis health visit:

Old posts will remain but please: no more.

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Perhaps it would be better to transfer unwanted posts that are relevant to the new forum and informing the writer. Just locking them is just an irritation to other users.

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jimpollardAdministrator in reply to JamesMS

I agree. Unfortunately, we can't actually transfer them. We've left them so people can see them and know that there is a place to discuss these issues. The alternative would be to delete them and inform the writer. I guess we may have to move to that if the traffic doesn't redirect itself. It's really helpful when users redirect each other or report posts to the wrong forum.

Agree entirely man

Have a nice day😁😇👍🏻☀😎🇬🇧


With respect I’m not sure I understand the reasoning for removing penis topic threads. It’s men’s health why remove it from this where it’s easier to come across or post for help and instead moving it to a website?

Unless it’s made people uncomfortable or something.

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jimpollardAdministrator in reply to djv1985

There is a new forum just for penis topics - please read the post in full

in reply to jimpollard

Trying to understand myself. Do not want to offend anyone or policies. 🤷‍♂️

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