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What do you think about this circumcision?


I had a circumcision two month ago and its still swelling and it looks very bad for me. The left side of the penis looks fine but the right side is TERRIBLE! I dont know what should i do! I spoke with different doctor and he said that i should leave it and another surgery can makes it even worse. My penis looks terrible and now i have very big complex about it. Is there any surgeon here?

More pictures in this album: m.imgur.com/a/1GM0b

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Is that swelling painful? If it's painful, it's a problem!

Or is it just the wrapped skin because of stitches?

A few have commented that the penis changes every six months. So I hope it gets better for you in the future.

I would say try to hold for erections for 20-30 minutes to make your skin understand that it should be elastic.

Oil massage the scar slowly like they do in penis enlargement exercises for next two weeks. Don't over do it, be careful. Keep us posted about your progress.

Wish you well.

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