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A proper answer on foreskin

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Hi, i have looked far and wide online for a clear answer but to no avail, I can pull my foreskin back no problem when flaccid to clean etc, but when erect it comes back about halfway, i dont feel any pain or discomfort but my online searches the answers always seem to be you have to be able to pull it back fully when erect to have a more pleasurable sexual experience. Yet i have never felt any pain or discomfort in my experiences without pulling it back when erect, so my question is do you have to pull back when erect and if so whats the point in foreskin then? Even when i watch ametuar porn or onlyfans content the guys with uncircumcised penises it seems to roll back and forward no problem, just feel abit insecure even though i probably shouldnt and im fine.

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I'd say, if it's not broken, don't try to fix it. If you can have sex without any problems, don't overthink it and keep everything as is. Don't be insecure about that, it is such a tiny detail that it shouldn't bother anyone, including you. Everyone's body is different, after all.

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It just seems many people can do that with no issues, yet i see you shouldnt keep it behind the head for long so why is there need to pull it back for sexual activity and why many people do it. Just confuses me to be honest.

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It's all confusing, but to keep it short (this is what I know), it's better for your health and feeling to pull the foreskin back completely for sexual activities. You should probably just pull it back when normal, then get erect and do your thing. Then after, when your erection also subsides, pull the foreskin onto the head again.

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I wouldnt supposedly say its better for your health hence if that was the case foreskin would be fultile. Just dont get why people act circumcised when there foreskin is there and its been known to give very good pleasure when doing sexual activities.

Ckd1987 It sounds like a normal uncircumcised penis to me. I wouldn’t worry.

Do not feel insecure since you have a perfectly functional penis that will provide you with many years of pleasure. Porn should not be used as a standard, period. I do photography and can tell you that what you see entails strategic camera placement, viagra induced erections, scripting of dialogue/moaning, photo-editing, and selection of individuals with penises that are way, way beyond the norm. In fact, extremely large penises rarely achieve a full erection! The combination of foreskin, non-keratinized penis gland, and pre-ejaculate should give you the gliding sensation needed to keep you smiling. Be proud and thankful for your masterpiece.

Most guys foreskin comes fully back with no problems but nobody is exactly the same, they all vary slightly! If it's not causing you any grief, you can wash properly and you experience no pain or problems during sex I would leave well enough alone! You could talk to your GP if it's bothering you but it sounds pretty normal, lots of guys are just as you describe!!

I agree with the other guys who have responded: if you enjoy your foreskin the way it is, there is no need to be concerned. The reason I prefer to pull my foreskin right back is that this exposes the frenulum and stretches it. I find that area of skin extremely sensitive and pleasurable.

I echo what the others have said. Also bear in mind that if it's not going back over the ridge when hard you and your partner are benefitting from a thicker penis. For you the inner foreskin is still in contact with the ridge which with the right position will be very pleasurable.

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