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Is it normal after circumcision?

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I am 33 and had my circumcision 12 days back. I had to go outside today so wore trousers. Now, after coming I observed that the glans of penis was partly covered with foreskin (thicker then normal). When I tried to retract it retracted. Is it normal? I think it was partial circumcision.(sleeve circumcision)

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Do you mean that you had an orgasm?

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No.. I mean to say that the foreskin was partly cut down.. But as the glans is sensitive may be it was a body mechanism that the glans got partially covered with foreskin.. When I tried to retract it retracted though.. I wanted to ask is it normal?

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Sounds OK. If you have worries, though, you should really speak to a doctor

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So you should consider yourself lucky to have some protection to the ridge which will give you added sensation.

I am probably 1 of many men who regret their having taken the decision to circumcise. Also, I have started a regime to try to recover some of the prepuce

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Hey, I also got a partial circumcision last week. That is normal. Many surgeons recommended a low circumcision because this prevents a partial cover of the penis.

Alternative would be a very high and tight circumcision but my surgeon categorically rejected to do that.

I believe it looks weird at the beginning 😅 but you should not have coverage when you have a full or partial erection 👍

If you don’t want it you probably will need to have it tightened. I am actually already considering that but I don’t want to loose all the inner foreskin

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