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Have you contacted the Meningitis Trust helpline?

We are continually looking for ways to improve our support. If you have contacted the Meningitis Trust’s helpline (by phone or email) we would really appreciate your feedback. Just click on the following link:

Many thanks


Helpline and Information Manager

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i have not called or emailed, as this site helped me so much with out, but i do advise anyone that is worried to always call you


I contacted the helpline back in 2008 and received wonderful support.I was struggling not only with the after effects of near death from Meningitis and septicaemia,but with emotional fallout which happened in my family,as result of my time in hospital.I was in a very dark place at that time.I twice talked with the nurses ,who then referred me to a counsellor.At that time I wasn't able to go on computer,so I was sent various leaflets which were really helpful to me in understanding what Id had and the possible after effects.

My counselling was by phone, as I was unable to get to my nearest city.The counsellor really was a lifeline to me.I was allowed just to talk,talk talk.I had a huge need to talk,often the same things over and over.There was no judgement,just very patient listening which allowed me over the sessiojns(I had 2 rounds of sessions-12 weeks I think?) to make sense of what had happened and to get some closure and try to move on.Without the counselling I dont think I could have moved on and reckon I would have sunk into a deep depression.It is nothing to be ashamed of,having counselling,indeed I reckon most of us on this forum would benefit.

I was also put in touch with a 1-2-1 buddy,who I actually only phoned once as at that point I dont think I was really ready to put my experience into words with a starnger.However I now volunteer as a 1-2-1 contact and know it provided great support to others,just as this forum does.The tRust will match you up with someone who has had a similar Meningitis experience,which I think is important .

The Meningitis Trust has been a lifeline to me since 2008 and does such great work to help ease the after effects of Meningitis ,as well as educating about the symptoms..The Helpline or the website are the best ways to be signposted for help.Everyone needs something different ,be it bereavement support, counselling,information,contact with others,grants for equipment

and helpline nurses can point you in the right direction and arrange it all for you.

One thing I particularly like with the MT is that you are treated with such respect and there is a personal communication that bulids up.Through my contact with the Trust,volunteering,making cards for funds,distributing awareness literature I have got to know many of the people running the Trust.You are made to feel so appreciated.This has helped me immensely,to feel that even in my current sate of being very disabled by Meningitis,I can use the talents and time I have to help others.

Its something Id encourage others to do ,if your health allows?You could be a 1-21 contact,contribute to forums,distribute symptoms cards( we all have contacts eg local schools,playgroups,church,doctors surgeries,guides,freind s and family.Every little thing helps.It puts you in a positive,rather than a negative frame of mind and helps divert you from all your symptoms!


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