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So tired all the time


So happy to find this site. Today is Oct 2 2012. On June 12, I was brought to the hospital, with a headache, vomiting, fever. They diagnosed me with Viral Meningitis via a spinal tap, kept me over night and sent me home in the morning with pain killers. Prior to this happening, I was getting into shape by doing alot of walking, had quit smoking 8 months prior and was feeling pretty good. Today, I have ringing in my ears, but the worst is the tiredness. I always need a nap which I never had to do before. I am just starting to try and walk again, but really find, I get a bit out of breath and very tired. Does anyone else experience this 4 months after diagnoses. I can only come back to work 2 days a week and I have a hard time with that as I cannot sleep (nap) in the daytime.


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I had Bacterial Meningitis back in February, I was lucky as the majority of problems are getting better, all be it slowly. Tiredness is taking a bit longer to clear up. I feel exhausted all the time and even the slightest excursion can wear me out very quickly.


4 months on from your ilness is not long and recovery will seem slow. I get better everyday, but have good days/weeks, as well as bad ones. I still remember the days I couldn't lift my legs, yet alone walk. It takes time, don't try to rush. Read my blog if you want


haywood in reply to stevie1961

Hi Steve, Thank you so much for replying. I noticed that you had bacterial meningococcal meningitis, which I think is much more dangerous and severe than viral meningitis. One thing you did mention was that your knees hurt, I remember 2 days before the headaches, my hips were very very stiff and sore. I wonder if that had to do with the viral Men. The back of my neck was where the stiffness ended up. I could move my head side to side, but not up and down..

4 months as Steve has said is not a long time and it does take time to get back to somewhere near normal. I had viral meningitis in Jan 2011 and spent a week in hospital with complications of kidney failure due to a reaction with the anti viral drugs I was given. All seems well in that department now but it scared the life out of me I can tell you.

It does take time I can remember the walks I used to take on a lunch time break normally just 10 minute scoot along the high street but a month after my illness it would take me forever and would have to turn back half way along and slowly drag myself back. Its then you realise how badly you have been affected.

It does get better belive me I'm back to where I was not fully fit by any means but there again I never was.

I took a phased return to work as well and my agreement started with 3 days a week, but as soon as I felt tired or the severe headaches started I could leave and go home, and as you very well know you do get tired and I mean really tired.

It took me at least another 6 weeks to get back to 5 days a week, but again leaving when the tiredness returned. My employer was fairly understanding but I believe it was begining to wear a little thin in sympathy towards the end, so I forced myself back to full time working after that. The main problem is that the illness is not understood at all and its not until you have had it that you know what its like and to try to cope with it.

All I can say is take your time if you are not at work and need the nap take it, its your body thats telling you that you need the rest and of course it will let you know its limitations, as well as letting you know how much better it is as you recover.

Read all of the blogs when you can as we have all been there and we are all here to help each other by sharing our experiences.

So chin up and look forward, praise yourself for every little achievement, forget the bad days and cocentrate on the good ones. You will improve!!

hi haywood, i had vm 8 months ago which started as weird pain in my hips and chest, i spent 6 days in hospital on morphine and antivirals, and was given very little information when i was discharged. i was told by the dr that "it's just a virus, like catching cold, a couple of weeks rest and you'll be fine"

i still suffer with fatigue, headaches, dizziness and tinitus it all used to be quite overwhelming but it's not as bad anymore as i have finally learnt to listen to my body and be a bit more patient with myself, things are looking up, i used to throw up if i walked for more than a couple of minutes now i can walk for an hour with the dog, i've also (this week) started the couch to 5k programme on the nhs website and have manage 2 short run/walks.

we all seem to recover at different rates so just try to be kind to yourself, i've spent a lot of this year with the dr's statement stuck in my head, beating myself up that i was still feeling so rubbish, but it is clearly much more than just a cold!

you will get your energy back and but dont rush, it will come little by little, sending you positive thoughts regards T :)

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