Meningitis Trust launches ‘life changing’ Yellow Book

We are delighted to announce we are working on a new resource that will improve the lives of thousands of young meningitis sufferers. Once introduced, the Yellow Book will be available to be given to parents on their child’s discharge from hospital.

Currently, less than 25% of people are referred to us by health professionals. The Yellow Book will provide essential information and advice, signpost further help and reading, log follow-up appointments and doctor’s details and give a valuable and very personal record of any changes to their child’s health or wellbeing.

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3 Replies

  • what a great idea but please just don't forget the adults

    Most thing you see about Meningitis is aimed at children i know my doctors surgery is full on with it which is good


    i got it when i was 48 and could find nothing aimed at the likes of me and i was never told about the trust but please keep up the good work

  • Glad to see more info coming out. Yes adults need it also. I was sixty when I contacted bacterial meningitis. I lost my hearing but due to having a ear inplant I now can hear due to receiving a bionic ear. I get asked also about therapy recommended by my doctors who were great but there isnt any really except to push yourself and make it a day. Doing research on this disease on the computer I did find out there is a vacine from ages 2 to 55 and a different vacine over the age of 55. I was not aware of the vacines and would have taken it if I was aware of it. The type of work I was doing put me in the risk area and i wasnt aware of it. Plus there is in my area been reported of meningitis in the schools so somehow it slipped thru the cracks although by state laws here all children should have taken the vacine. Keep up the good work. From across the pond in the state of Kentucky

  • hi I think this is great but also agree with paul and also woul like to add that there should be something for people who have already had it and been discharged and still suffering after effects and are having out patients appointments for after effects of meningitis

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