Scam....on this site??????

Has anyone else had a message from Blessing100??? Asking to send email to their private email address??? I tried to message them through this site,,,,,as this is where they contacted me,but its coming up that there is no such user name??? Im hoping this in not a i dont tolerate such,especially on a site like this!!! Does anyone know how i report this to the Meningitis Trust???

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  • Have now Reported this individual to the Trust......Awaiting info from them!!! Please be aware of this User Name,incase they try to contact others!!

  • I think this is the scam referred to in the blogs. I reported them twice on Thurs. shame to think someone would take advantage of this site. I emailed health unlocked about it through the contact page.

  • I received it and deleted it!!!!

  • it is a scam, and to i always say, stay safe never reply to anyone you do not know and NEVER open a link threw a email.

  • I have had a message from Blessing100 too, but did not send my email address. This is deffo a scam!!!! Thanks for making all aware of it. Glad its been looked into and hopefully blocked.

  • I also had one of these messages on Thursay and reported it to the meningitis Trust. They have blocked this person, and there is a post about this from Thomas from the MT. It's terrible that someone like this scammer has targeted this site which is so valuable to us all and where we need to feel safe to share our information and experiences.

  • Hi, Thomas from the Meningitis Trust posted on this on Thursday I think: meningitis.healthunlocked.c...

    Thanks, J

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