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Hello everyone , I suppose I am looking for some reassurance.

Its been 4 weeks now since my daughter has been diagnosed with aseptic meningitis . Weve been through the whole plethora of symptoms .

These past 2 days I have noticed increased energy and less headaches which is a relief .

My main concern is that her vision has not improved at all,it started with visual symptoms described as flickering as a constant . This got worse after she tried to read for 5 mins . Her visual acuity is fine according to the optometrist and MRI head is normal . This is the main symptom which is getting her down .

I read some posts from this site to her to reassure her . However I myself am starting to get concerned as all other symptoms have waxed and waned but not her vision.

Any advice or similar stories would be helpful to know that this is not unusual . Anyone else had flickering where the image almost looks pixilated. We have gravel in the back garden and she says that it looks as if it is rippling .

Help . I am so scared that this may never get better

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Hi, a month ago I fell down with my bike and cracked my skull. Went to ER and they didn't take any scans, sent me home. 2 days later my girlfriend had to call and ambulance, and ended up in a medically induced coma in ICU. They found out I got a pneumococcal meningitis from my sinuses through the crack of a skull.

Anyway that's my history. So I woke up in the ICU and in two days they transferred me to the infection ward. Was there almost 4 weeks as they had to change antibiotics 4 times until they found a antibiotic which didn't create a side effect.

I have a constant tinnitus caused by the infection, at first it was so rough I cried. Also it took me bit over 3 weeks to be able to walk nearly normal. Still can't run as I lost all my muscle laying in the bed.

Anyway, it's not about vision but I feel the tinnitus is fading to a level I can handle it. Hopefully the vision does the same.

Does the MRI show any brain abscesses as they told me I still have some even after 4 weeks. Getting smaller tho and eventually dissappear. They can affect the nerval system, which can cause problems with senses for an example.

I wish for the best for your daughter!


Thank you for your support. Her MRI was normal. I hope you feel better and soon


Oh my gosh!! That's just how my husband explains his vision...pixelate!! He also has hallucination. ..the collar of my jacket was a crow on my shoulder! Like your daughter other things are better some days than others....I'm celebrating 3 days of him taking no pain killers for headaches!! I really hope your daughter goes from strength to strength and feels 100% soon. Xx


I hope he feels better too


Hi I got meningitis through an ear infection that got into my skull base. When I woke in intensive care I asked the nurse if someone was blowing bubbles in the room as that's all I saw. When I got home the paving stones were like waves to me which made it difficult to balance. The most peculiar thing was during last winter, the frost on particals on the ground stood up in 3D and I almost lifted my legs up high to walk over them. Your daughter has had a very dangerous illness and like someone has already said it takes some time for the nervous system and sensitivities to settle down .....which they will. Best wishes to you and your daughter.


Thank you for your support and advice


Thank you to you all that have replied. X


Yes after months I have visual symptoms make sure she gets all retina and cataract tests

Vertigo can cause this spinning horrible

Get more tests if u can

I had same


I too had drug induced aseptic meningitis, caused by a common antibiotic and have had profound issues with my vision together with all the other debilitating after effects. Happy to share with you if you want to drop me a line.


Thanks Ken, it's been 5 weeks now and vision still off. She can see but it flickers. I don't know whether to keep on waiting as there have started to be some improvements in terms of energy and function or speak to neurologist...


Hi. I don't have flickering, but I do have light sensitivity after viral meningitis, so I'll share what has helped and what you might try. This has helped me: turning down the brightness on all my devices, getting Transitions glasses, using high-quality eye drops (the commercial ones with flaxseed in them), taking vitamin A. (As an added benefit, vitamin A helps the immune system). None of that cured me, but it has eased the worst of it. What you might try: taking lutein and other carotenoids, "cupping" the eyes (you can google this), seeing a low vision specialist. Also: rest, time, patience. (P.S. My eye tests were all normal too.)


Thank you for your advice. Will definitely try your recommendations


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