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after effects

my daughter is 5yrs old she had meningococcal when she was just 2months old. she has behaviour problems lack of concentration she cant keep still and spends most of her time in a world of her own and she is finding it hard to shut off and go to sleep she is falling behind in school and needs one on one help when i ask her something and ask her 2 repeat what i have said she just looks at me confused and walks away i have resently found out that there are after effect to meningitis and are just wondering if these are any of the simptomes i have tried speaking to her teachers about my conserns but they think she just has a very high imagenation even thou i know deep down it is more than that iam nervous of going to the doctors because i feel like they may think i am over reacting so if any one else can relate to my question i would really appretiate some advise thank you

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Yes, alot of the problems your daughter is experiencing can be after effects of meningitis.

The Meningitis Trust can provide local support to anyone in the UK who has had an experinece of meningitis. We can also help support you by providing written information for you to take to the teachers/doctor, to explain the after effects of meningitis.

If you would like support, please do get in touch with us on our 24hr helpline

0808 8010 388. We'd love to be able to help you. You can also email us from our website, here is the link

We also have a Learning and Development fact sheet that you may find helpful to read.

Here is the link to our resources page where you will find it and can download it to your computer

I hope this helps,


Helpline Nurse


Ok i am an abdult. nad had VM, but the comment "finding it hard to shut off and go to sleep " was me, i used a radio to go to bed, but you can use relaxing tapes to help " looks at me confused and walks away " this is also common, they way to look at it, the brain is like a computer, and it has been re booted, and some files are lost, or just somewhere else, in fact you feel like you have to re learn everything, there are gaps, and the feeling of been lost, which in fact is true, you can not recall files, so you feel lost, MTJudith is right with all the above info. if you child had a scare, people would would take ore time with her, teachers would react better, but the crul fact is, after VM and VB we all look normal, but our poor Brain has been threw so much, making notes and doing a day by day book may help daughter, get her to write with you each day, what she did, how she felt, let her know that your little brain has been threw so much and will get better, but will take a bit more time to compute, this way you and her can take control, some days may be hard and other days it will get better. time will heal, we are so used to running around 100 mile an hour, the rules have changed now yo cannot think of it as time, but as each day. let her know she is ok, but things will be diffrent for a time

ok re the comment " tried speaking to her teachers about my conserns but they think she just has a very high imagenation " what do they know, lets sum it up NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if she had been in a car crash, they would be more understaning, they know nothing, as they have never been threw it, may be you need to print of info about.

i have found this for you on google and and

if you feel no one is listening, find info. print them off take them to the school, etc.

You sound like a wondeful mother, so she is half there to getting things done, do not give up, do not listen to poeple, Re you been nervous of going to the doctors because i feel like they may think i am over reacting , YOU ARE THE MOM, and you are right to knw there is somthing wrong, if your Dr does not listen go to anoter one and another one till you are heard. i wish you all the best


Dear After affects. I would start by having your daughter see a paediatrician. I would want thorough assessment including a hearing test as hearing loss can be common post M. I had Bacterial M of a streptococcal origin and it has left me with sensory alterations that I am still adjusting to 2 years later. Blessings, Jeffery


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