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Metallic Taste Help


has anyone got any suggestions to help with a continuous severe metallic taste my wife has

she's had it 24/7 for months we've tried mints boiled spice etc everything she eats or drinks it has a metallic taste

at times it's that bad it makes her gip.

ICU Specialist says its a common symptom of meningitis

i don't know if her symptoms are worse than other sufferers or if it's linked to her long stay in ICU She was on full life support for 5 weeks with meningitis and don't know if this has made the metallic taste symptoms worse


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i had something like this, i sucked lemon sweets and mints, i found anything that was cetrus helped. also i was told it was lack of a vitamin, also have you tried the dentist? , foudn this link on google for you..The medical term for metallic taste is dysgeusia, which refers to a sour and acidic or metallic taste in mouth. This is not a very serious condition in general, but can have several possible underlying causes. Individuals usually experience a continuous bitter or acidic taste in mouth and this condition is produced due to certain diseases or the intake of some medications. Here is a brief account of the main causes of metallic taste in mouth.

Causes of Metallic Taste in Mouth

Poor oral hygiene and dental diseases are one of the most important causes of metallic taste in mouth. Dental caries, oral infections like gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), periodontal diseases (bacterial infection that affects the gums and the bones around the teeth) and tooth abscess are some of the common diseases of the oral cavity that can produce a metallic taste in mouth. However, in many cases, tooth amalgams, especially the silver and mercury amalgams can produce a metallic taste when it reacts with certain substances inside the mouth. Gastritis is another common cause for acidic taste in mouth along with heartburn. Gastroesophageal reflux and jaundice can also be responsible for producing a bitter taste in mouth.

Certain medications like antibiotics, antidepressant drugs, high blood pressure medications, diabetes medications, prenatal vitamins are also associated with a change of taste in mouth. Sometimes metallic taste can be produced by copper toxicity, lead poisoning, mercury poisoning and selenium overdose. In women, hormonal fluctuations, especially fluctuation in the level of estrogen is also known to produce a metallic or acidic taste in mouth. This is usually observed at the time of pregnancy. Chronic alcoholism is another cause for this condition. Diseases which are related to this condition are peptic ulcer, hypercalcemia, food allergy, kidney diseases, acute kidney failure and cancer.

Common Remedies to Ward off the Metallic Taste in Mouth

It is important to determine the exact cause of metallic taste in mouth in order to get rid of this condition. Some of the causes like oral and dental diseases are quite easier to detect. Taking certain foods such as juices of citrus fruits like orange, lemon and also lemonade can help to eliminate this taste by stimulating the production of saliva. Baking soda can neutralize acid and hence can be effective in eliminating the acidic taste in mouth. Consuming foods that are marinated or prepared with vinegar can also be helpful in this condition. Limit the consumption of beverages like tea and coffee.

One should also maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing twice daily. Along with toothpaste, brushing with salt and baking soda is very effective in fighting dental infection and plaque. Do not forget to clean the tongue while brushing the teeth. Bad breath and metallic taste in mouth is produced by the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity, which in turn is promoted by dental plaque and the food particles that get lodged between the teeth. Flossing the teeth can be helpful in alleviating this kind of problem. Using a suitable mouthwash or rinsing the mouth with a solution of salt and water can check the growth of bacteria and hence keep the oral cavity fresh and free from bad breath and metallic taste. Equally important is to treat any kind of dental disease on time.

also this was on google:

well i hope this may help, and i wish you all the best


Hello -sorry to hear of this upsetting symptom.I also had this for many months after Meningitis.Tiga has answered most fully above,so I wont repeat anthing said.I consulted a homeopath and was advised that a metallic taste is a sign of the liver struggling to detox chemicals .A friend on chemo has similar problems-I have experineced this taste on 3 separate times -when pregnant,when had a hepatitic illness and after Meningitis and each time ,except first,Id been on massive doses of pharmaceutical medicines and like your wife ,on life support.I now take milk thistle capsules -available from health food stores or websites - when I need to take a lot of painkillers or other drugs.I have to take anti eplieptics as result of Meningitis and they most definitely upset my liver function.I take one milk thistle capsule a day and have had no problems since.Other thing you could do is try to reduce to bare minimum any medications, artificial additives etc

Hope this helps-do let us know how you get on.We are all here to support each other.


Thanks for your Reply's

We found Lemon boiled sweets have helped and a report from GP Has found my wife has a big Vitamin D Deficiency she's had a vitamin D injection 300.000 units and were waiting on that to take effect GP Says last year the wife being in hospital for months and out of sunlight hasn't helped. Cheers


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