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Growth hormone issues after meningitis

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Hi. My now 10 year old son had bacterial meningitis back in 2013 when he was 3. He recovered, but has definitely seen an impact on his height (he dropped 4 centiles in growth 1 year after recovery). He is now significantly shorter than his peers (even though myself and husband are taller than average). I kept reaching out to medical profession (and still do) only to be fobbed off. I really think something is going on, has anyone else's children had height effected? Many thanks

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Have you tried an endocrinologist, they deal with hormones. Is he on any meds..some meds can stunt growth. Hope you find answers.

Hello. I am sorry I cannot give you an answer, because I am not a doctor, but I read extensively about meningococcus meningitis and I understand that the sequelae are mostly neurological. What I would like to ask is if you found out how did your child catch meningitis. Was it from kindergarten?

I had viral meningitis and am still, 4 years later, suffering the consequences. My main problem is lack of sleep. What appears to have happened is that the pineal gland ,also in my head,was affected [ tests revealed gross lack of melatonin] so I have had to take a melatonin supplement[10 mg/night] . My theory is that the gland was affected by something during the bout, likely perhaps the high temperatures? or heavy metal contamination from losing weight [I lost 10 kgs]and it's associated heavy metal liberation. Hair test by ICP/MS showed huge mercury and lead. It's likely that your son's pituitary could have been affected similarly, by the temps, or heavy metals. I would suggest you son sees an endocrinologist , who can organise testing of growth hormones. I am finding that my melatonin production is slowly recovering now. I've been taking Chlorella[organic] and spirulina which are heavy metal detoxifying agents. Take care with the dosage though, and back it down if your son complains of what feels like back pain. It can be a sign of too-fast-detoxing through the kidneys.

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