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Back of neck pain n lump

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My brother had bacterial meningitis and survived but now the back of his neck and shoulders hurt. He said there is a small lump or bump in back of neck. Any ideas on treatment or what it could be. Stiffness in neck too, can’t hold neck straight up.

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I feel two spots of pain since having VM. One in back of neck and one mid back. No lump but kinda feels like it. When I have VM these spots (and more) are excruciating. And I always have a tight/stiff neck. I manage with massage therapy. Helps some. But I’ve never gotten any answers. Unfortunately this is the norm here in the US. No one even acknowledges symptoms after the fact. I’ve had VM 6x and never figured it out. But I do work with a great neurologist. That would be my first step for your brother. Mine helps manage my headaches/migraines which ALWAYS affect my neck. Good luck. I hope he gets some answers.

I had bacterial meningitis 2 1/2 years ago. My neck was very sore for atleast 1 to 2 months after. The lump could be a muscle knot, pain makes you tense. I'm also a nurse, though can no longer work due to complications from this horrible infection. I was told to give myself 6 months to 2 years to recover. Tell your brother to give himself time to heal. Bacterial meningitis is a very serious disease. I wish him well.

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