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VM and the COVID-19 Vaccine


Good morning-

Has anyone with a past history of VM taken the COVID-19 Vaccine? And If so how did you feel afterwards? And what brand did you take?

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I had virus meningitis three years ago and was hospitalized for 10 days. Took months for me to fully recover. I had the first Moderna vaccine three weeks ago and scheduled for the second next week. All I had was a very sore arm for a few days. Maybe slightly tired the next day. I hear the second dose is usually more likely to cause flue like symptoms for some. I was nervous but more scared to get COVID and possibly then suffer long terms issues.

I had VM in 2016 and got my first Moderna dose two weeks ago. I had sore arm for4- 5 days and mild body ache for 2-3 days. Going for second dose next week.

I had viral meningitis 2 years ago. Last week I had the Oxford Astra Zeneka vaccine. That night I had hot and cold shivers, felt nauseous and ached all over (flu like). It was short lived thankfully and only lasted 24 hours.

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