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cranial osteopathy does it help with symptoms of BM ?


Has anyone had any positive results from having cranial osteopathy ? If so how has it helped ?

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I haven't tried it , what is it used for if you'd excuse my ignorance

Nicolaram in reply to Landlord

I wasn’t sure, the meningitis society recommended it for assisting in leg, joint, back and neck pain.

I have just spoken to my osteopath and he explained its some sort of light touch healing thing and suggested has more of a placebo affect than helpful results .

Apparently light massage working in certain areas can stimulate blood flow to damaged areas and has resulted in reduced pain .

Landlord in reply to Nicolaram

Ah , I see,

I haven't tried that and first if im honest I don't know or understand the "touchy , feely, if I talk to you softly with a scented candle burning" thing, but if you're in a situation like mine then sod it, give it a go I've had so much medication, physio, acupuncture, they all seem to do 25% which is bloody great great. I found acupuncture very good I think because of the total state of motionless thing plus it's kind of like talking to the stranger on a bus, it just helps to chat shit and there just astounded by your daily challenges.

Today is a bad day for me , I Just want to cry, I'm 46 now and was a very happy workaholic, by body doesn't want to play at the moment and it will probably be another couple of days like this,

Sorry to go on and being blunt but it runs away with me sometimes.

I think I'd say try everything you dare or can afford, every day of "normal" is totally worth it


Hexy in reply to Landlord

CRANIAL osteopath treatment actually moves the small cranial bones on your skull, as meningitis whichever one you have had, brain swells and moves the cranial bones which causes headaches! I had menoencephalitis age 35 I'm now 62, I still suffer occasional bad headaches,my back and my memory issues confusion anger and balance are rubbish, I get confused with mixed memories, as your brain cells are so over heated when very ill they sit in fluid which boils, (meningitis) (encephalitis) (malaria) I've had all three, my consultant recommended CRANIAL osteopath treatment as in it helps with your pain and mobility, it's not a cure. It's actually very beneficial. I would love to have my memory working properly,it's very embarrassing when you mix 10 year's and yesterday as one memory! Or to lose parts of your memory forever.💜

It helped me! I had Vm in 2015 and had non stop headaches and very very tired. My life was on hold. I went to osteopath in 2018 and after a few weeks i noticed small differences and after months my headache And other Symptoms became less and less. I also started using low dose naltrexone and the combination was fantastic

Thank you Christine, so pleased it had a positive Response for you

I had BM 14 mths ago and have been going to an Osteopath / Acupuncturist - it has relieved the headaches and he has also worked on my anxiety (Post BM) with acupuncture which was also contributing to the headaches. Definitely worth a try.

Nicolaram in reply to Cliffey

Thank you, I had my first session last week x

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