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I have noticed on hear that pneumonia has been mentioned a few times...

My question is,

Did you have pneumonia shortly before Meningitis..???

I did , right before....

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I was sick with cold-like symptoms within a week I had an ear infection, then sinus infection and then I went unconscious with bacterial meningitis. While in the ICU, on life support for two days I had extreme Sepsis and Pneumonia. I also had high fever, two mini stokes, a blood clot in my brain and was almost 12wks pregnant. I was told I had Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis. And in Nov 2017 I had a healthy baby boy.

A decline in my health but not pneumonia. But maybe the same basic problem, less fit to ward off the attack.

My family didn't mention pneumonia before I had Meningitis. They said I had flu/cold type symptoms. Next thing I knew I was in ICU (3 or 4 weeks after being in a coma). During the coma I had pneumonia..high fever treated with various antibiotics (later having c-diff as a result of too many antibiotics).

I think the medical term for it was "Pneumococcal meningoencephalitis with brain abscess and and cerebritis" :)

Same time 8 days in Hospital

My husband had a very bad cold for 3 weeks, then a ear infection, very bad headache rushed in was in an induced coma for almost 3 weeks with bacterial meningitis, that was beginning of January, he was in hospital for 5 weeks, thankfully he is good now but suffers hearing loss in one ear he's 72 so very lucky to be here.

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