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the day 'Jayden-Lee' grew his wings.. <3

the day 'Jayden-Lee' grew his wings.. <3

my beauftiful baby nephew 'Jayden-Lee' grew his wings aged 8 months old. we sadly lost jayden to meningoccal septicaemia on the 26/8/2010. He went from being a happy healthy baby to fighting for his life within a matter of hours. He fought against this awful disease for seven and a half hours but sadly passed away whilst being transferred to Manchester Children's hospital..

jayden lee had his first holiday away just two weeks before this sad day.. little did we know it was going to be his first and his last.. he was full of life, his normal happy giggling self, always trying to 'talk' and tell 'stories' and doing what he did best SMILING.. he was fine, even the day before.. he woke in the early hours of the 26/08 with 'flu-like' symptoms mum or dad didnt think to expect what was going to come after, in the morning when they woke, jayden was having his nappy changed when dad noticed a little rash at this moment jayden-lee started to become limp, an ambulance was rang and arrived very quickly, mum and dad in shock and screaming as they didnt know what was happening, family raced up to meet them at the hospital baby jayden was so little, he didnt deserve to be going through all this,, he had tubes all over him and was stript the room was full with doctors and nurses and they tried there very best to help jayden and kept us all updated on what was going on, things were looking up as the dr came into the family room where we went in to have some time out as it was so heartbreaking to watch and felt so helpless, to tell us he was responding to the treatment and there was now more chance then ever that he would pull through..

jayden-lee was only 8 months old and giving his al into fighting this awful disease,, we all sat and watched helplessly over the next few hours to be told he was at the best they could get him at that hospital and he needed to be transfered to the childrens hospital, where they had specialist equipment, however, the dr told us that their was a chance if he had a cardiac arrest on the way theyre was nothing more that could be done.. we waited another hour or so (what felt like an eternity) for a specialist ambulance to come to take jayden-lee mum and dad to the childrens hospital, the rest of us made our own ways there but was told not to follow the ambulance incase it stopped and we thought it would be for the worse.. so we set off first.. we arrived at the childrens hospital and waited and waited for the ambulance, however we got a call that the ambulance had stopped so we raced to where it was just 2 minutes from the hospital..

it was the heartbreaking news we had all been dreading, baby jayden-lee could not fight any longer and had grew his wings,. just 2 more minutes and maybe things could have been so much different.. when we arrived at the childrens hospital we was put into a special room and was really looked after, it was the saddest day of all our lives,.

the doctors and nurses from the childrens hospital and bolton hospital where very supportive and they all did the best they could for jayden lee and our family.. we could not thank them enough,, since jayden-lee grew his wings the support from the meningitis trust has been amazing and they are always there no matter what.. so our family think it is only right to help raise awareness of this awful disease in the hope of it even saving one persons life so they dont have t go threw the pain and heartache my family have suffered.. we have already held a charity event at our local labour club raising almost £3000 .. we have another coming up in march and plan to arrange many more events to raise money for the trust so more money can go into research etc in the hope that one day there will be a cure for every strain of this terrible disease.. and to keep jayden-lee's memory alive..

life has never been the same since jayden-lee grew his wings and it never will.. he has left a huge hole in everyones heart and until the day we meet again jayden-lee 'our little smiler' may you rest in paradise.. love you millions and miss you always.. aunty sammii <3 xxxxxx

this is jayden-lee's meningitis trust tribute fund if youd like to help us reach our £5,000 target..- meningitis-trust.tributefun...


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So sorry to her this, but I hope the money you raise could prevent another tradgedy, which might go some way to make you all feel a little better, thoughts are with you


am so so sorry, for your loss. your story touched my heart, and made me cry, thoughts and prayers are will you all at this sad time


Thank you so much for sharing your heart breaking story. It brought a tear to my eye and I am sure to many others who have read your post.

Raising awareness of this devastating disease is so important in helping to save lives. However, sometimes, no matter how quickly treatment is given, nothing can be done to stop a life being lost.

Thank you for your fantastic efforts in raising money for the Trust in memory of Jayden-Lee. Without vital funds, we could not continue our work.

Please remember that the Meningitis Trust is here to support anyone who has affected by this terrible disease. We do not want anyone to suffer in silence and we are only a phone call away (0800 028 18 28).



Hi I have just read your story and I am so sorry to hear about Jayden-Lee, what a terrible tragedy. I know how awful Meningitis can be having lost my brother very suddenly when he was thirteen. That was over thirteen years ago now and I still miss him terribly every day and wonder what he would be like today.

You are showing amazing strength and courage in fundraising and helping others and leaving a tribute to wee Jaydens life. I hope your family are coping. It is great that you are keeping Jaydens memory alive and wish you all strength and happiness in the future xxx


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