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Normal MRI, EEG -don’t feel normal Vm from shingles



Things keep coming back ‘normal’ but I still get tired and have jerks and a little bit of “ataxia” when tired. I don’t think this is a “functional” or conversion disorder, since this only happened after meningitis but I keep wondering what’s wrong with me? Is it just meningitis recovery?

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Hiya, I feel your pain and I’m interested to see what the opinion is on this. I had shingles and viral meningitis and I still get the same symptoms now 2 and a half years later. Constantly tired, wondering if I’ll ever be back to “normal”.

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I had viral meningitis years ago and shingles 3 times. I also used to get really bad cold sores and flu-type symptoms that used to last for 24hrs. I also suffered from awful migraines. I did a lot of research and all my symptoms pointed to mollaret's. I started taking aciclovir about 1 year ago and it has made a huge difference. Most of my symptoms have gone and I've not had a migraine for 6 months. For the first time in 30 years I feel "normal".

Hi, Vm 2015, I used ear plugs to dampen sounds in restaurant or stores for 3 yrs, sunglasses for Bright lites, numbness, vertigo, walking sticks for balance, didn’t drive for 4 yrs, spooky seen motions, all of this is so unreal and no doctor can explain, finally a natural path doctor helped me I tested fine with thyroid but systematic indications of low thyroid , 7 mg of thyroid daily got me back to driving short distances, walking , balance issues improved I’m not a doctor and can’t say if anything can help but hoping any can help.

Good luck


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