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Bacterial meningitis after effects

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Hi all, hope you’re well and in good health.

A bit over three weeks ago I was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis which I luckily managed to rid of. I had three weeks of iv antibiotics, 6 days of which were at home. However I haven’t managed to shake two of the symptoms which are causing me a bit of concern. I had a meeting with my neurologist this afternoon who said everything is going well and wasn’t concerned but I thought I’d post on here to see if anyone has had a similar experience. I’m still experiencing slight neck stiffness and muscle spasms in my legs. Has anyone experience spasms and more specifically neck stiffness after bacterial meningitis?

Wish nothing but good health and happiness to you all xo

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Hi! What you're experiencing is what many of us that have had bacterial or viral meningitis have and some are still experiencing. I'm 8 months post bacterial meningitis and still have neck pain, headacches(although not as severe as at the beginning and not as often), and I still have muscle aches. Everyone responds and recovers differently, but don't be alarmed by this. From all the posts I've read, it seems that the people who recover the fastest and with the least after effects are those that get LOTS of rest for as long as possible after coming home. Don't try to return to work, don't try to do any household chores than absolutely necessary, just sleep, nap, and lounge. Eat as good as you can, stay hydrated. The more you try to do at this point may very well aggrevate unwanted side effects. If you have anyone to do things for you, and pamper you, please let them. When you do start to go back to normal activities start out slow. Take baby steps and see how you do, and slowly work your way back up. I did not realize how important the rest period was when I first got home and tried to go out and do alot of things and one day I just collapsed on the couch with a horrid headache, body pain, neck pain, weakness.I stayed that way for days. It really set me back.

Hi! I had Bacterial Meningitis in Dec 2015 and my neck stiffness comes back at time but not as severe. I had a nagging pain & spasm in my upper arm but this has gone. You may experience strange pain & numbness that comes & goes. Trying to nap & less stress seems to help me. Hope this finds you well!

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